How to reduce workplace stress and boost employee well-being

Roughly one million workers miss work each day because of stress. Learn how to reduce workplace stress and improve employee productivity.

Spring Health partners with global advisory, brokerage and solutions company Willis Towers Watson

Willis Towers Watson, a leading global advisory, broking and solutions company, has selected Spring Health as a preferred provider of behavioral health benefits.

How to create a positive workplace culture

Workplace culture has a strong effect on an organization’s financial success. Find out today’s best practices for creating a positive workplace culture.

Spring Health raises $76 million in Series B financing

Spring Health’s remarkable fundraising success comes at a time when investments in women-led companies are expected to be the worst since 2017.

Spring Health EAP: Your employee assistance program, transformed

Spring Health EAP transforms and elevates the traditional employee assistance program to offer employers the most comprehensive, effective solution for employee well-being.

Mental health disability: Best practices for supporting and accommodating employees

Find out what the difference is between a mental illness and a mental health disability, and learn how to support and accommodate affected employees.

Why Precision Mental Healthcare matters

Precision Mental Healthcare leads to eight weeks faster recovery on average when compared to traditional diagnostic methods.

How to select mental health care benefits for a global workforce

Your global workforce is best served by a mental health care provider that can provide tailored support matching each team member’s language and culture.


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