Predicting the right care, from the start

Quality care is more than just fast access to a provider. Our Precision Mental Healthcare approach uses data to get each person the treatment at the right time.

A comprehensive solution for the entire journey

We combine a world-class technology platform with a vetted provider network. The result? High quality, evidence-based care to guide each employee on their path to recovery.

Proven results, powered by science

Clinically validated

We’ve published 30+ papers in the world’s leading medical journals on Precision Mental Healthcare. Our technology is the only clinically validated solution on the market.

Evidence-based care

One size doesn’t fit all–especially when it comes to mental health. That’s why we designed our approach to treat the individual.

Demonstrated savings

We treat the whole landscape of mental health conditions. Our comprehensive approach eliminates the traditional trial-and-error cycle of mental health.

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