The Foundational Approach To Mental Health

Help your people feel better — faster.


Mental health needs are growing, but health plans and EAP’s aren’t keeping up.

84% of employees with mental illness are not getting the care they need.

How many of your employees aren’t receiving adequate mental health treatment?

Number of employees


Employees not receiving adequate help



Win on creativity, costs, and culture.

Employee mental health costs are rising twice as fast as all other medical expenses. Employers that improve the mental health of their company will be more competitive, with higher productivity, engagement, and creativity. Not to mention the savings on claims, disability, and turnover.

Employees now expect hassle-free experiences. Mental health shouldn’t be any different.

  • Same day, next day appointments

  • Care anytime, anywhere

  • Personalized to the individual’s needs

  • Direct scheduling with professionals online


Eliminating Every Barrier To Mental Health: Our Approach



We help employees detect symptoms early by making screening easy and convenient.

Treatment Matching

Using the most advanced predictive models on the market, we identify the treatment that is most likely to work for you specifically.



We work with mental health professionals to navigate employees and answer any questions they have.


With guaranteed shorter wait times, we match employees with a provider in our vetted, best-in-class network.


Clinically validated and used by industry leaders.

From early detection to full recovery, Spring Health is the only clinically validated solution proven to be more effective than traditional mental healthcare. By combining the latest technology with vetted providers, we help you engage 1 in 3 employees, reduce recovery times, and reduce healthcare costs.

  • +72 Net Promoter Score

  • 1.7 Days To See A Provider

  • 2x Higher Recovery Rates

  • 7+ Weeks Shorter Recovery Times

Let’s eliminate every barrier to mental health for your team.