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Compassionate Mental Healthcare That Delivers Results

Spring Health is more targeted than traditional EAPs, and more comprehensive than other modern mental health solutions.

Life-changing outcomes

image diagram  24%

improvement rate in anxiety and depression

image diagram  24%

better outcomes than ‘gold-standard’ care*

image diagram  24%

members who achieve reliable improvement in fewer sessions

Our comprehensiveapproach

Built on a foundation of innovative research, clinical best practices, and measurement-based care, we’re on a mission to remove every barrier to mental healthcare.

For Organizations

Integrated partnership

Empowering organizations with outcomes-focused mental health solutions around the globe.

For Organizations

Intelligent member experience

Offering individuals and families quick and easy access to personalized mental healthcare.

For Organizations

Inclusive clinical care

Equipping a diverse network of providers with the tools they need to provide high-quality care.

Transform and Elevate Your Employee Assistance Program

Mental Healthcare Reimagined

Spring Health supports diverse and evolving mental health needs by going beyond point solutions and traditional EAPs.

- Precise: We find the most direct path to better mental health by leveraging the power of data across every aspect of care delivery.

- Personal: We curate engaging experiences with personalized recommendations and our diverse care team community.

- Proven: We provide the right care at the right time by leveraging data to track costs and outcomes, shortening time to recovery and driving positive ROI

Personalized carestarts here

Our intuitive digital mental health platform makes care approachable with personalized recommendations and a single entry point.

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Personalized experience screenshot on the Spring Health app
Homepage of the Spring Health mobile app
Find a time product screenshot on the Spring Health app
User homepage on the Spring Health app
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Care that fits each person’s needs

When data powers a diverse team of therapists, medication managers, coaches, and care navigators, it means members are matched to providers who are best suited to help with their specific needs and goals.

Hear from our clients

Spring Health is trusted by leading organizations.

We eliminate trial-and-error in care by data analysis
We eliminate trial-and-error in care by data analysis
We eliminate trial-and-error in care by data analysis

“Easy to use, my employees LOVE this perk, and it is helping ease the pain of two major issues in mental healthcare-accessibility and affordability.”

Ashely Redding Hall
People Operations Manager, Clever

“Spring Health is my favorite platform and resource for our employees. I am a huge fan of the utilization reports. Also, we have incredible support—shoutout to our partnership success manager!”

Ariana Whitson,
HR Operations Specialist AppLovin

“MasterClass employees have been thrilled with the Spring Health benefit!”

Jessica Simmons
People Operations Manager, MasterClass
A man with bleached hair and glasses lying down while using a laptop, focusing on his therapy session.

Help people and 

Improve the mental health of your employees and reduce the risk of absenteeism and lost productivity today.

  • Evidence-based approach

  • Variety of solutions

  • Cost-effective