Family Care

Family members of all ages have support through Spring Health with convenient, quality care, every step of the way.

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Helping families thrive

We know finding the right care for your family can feel complicated. With Spring Health, families have access to the specialized care they need, including therapy for kids and teens, parent coaching, family and couples therapy, and care concierge services.

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Comprehensive support

for all families

Spring Health offers care and resources for children, teens, parents, couples and caregivers.

Transform and Elevate Your Employee Assistance Program

Fast, flexible appointments

Appointments are available in <2 days on average, even on nights and weekends. Spring Health offers specialized care for all ages that fits into busy family schedules.

Connected family experience

Each family is paired with a clinical Care Navigator who can make holistic care recommendations, offer guidance on new diagnoses, and lend emotional support.

Digital guides and content

An ever-growing library of on-demand exercises, called Moments, is designed by clinicians and parenting experts to help with everyday family life and big events. Topics include adjusting to parenting, supporting behavior changes in kids, and increasing communication within families.

Community and education

Family members can attend small group conversations, hosted by a Spring Health Provider, called WellSprings. These are designed to provide connection and support related to a variety of mental health topics.

Dedicated teen experience

Our unique and tailored teen experience supports parents by intentionally guiding their teenager’s mental health and well-being journey. This specialized mobile-first offering gives teen members direct access to a safe and personalized digital experience, specialized care, and teen-specific educational resources and on-demand Moments exercises.

Hear from one our members and his family

When Travis Henderson, a working family man, discovers a heart-breaking revelation about his daughter’s mental health, he goes on his own quest for healing. Hear his story, here.

We eliminate trial-and-error in care by data analysis
We eliminate trial-and-error in care by data analysis
We eliminate trial-and-error in care by data analysis

My 10 yr old son Liam is a highly sensitive person (HSP) who is on the low end of the Autism spectrum and also suffers from obsessive thoughts and anxiety/fears. Spring Health helped find us a therapist who specializes in these issues. She is a perfect match for our family and we are thrilled to have her help and support.

Spring Health Member

We have been using the Spring Health platform and therapists for individual and family counseling. The ease of finding a provider, scheduling visits and coordinating care has been exceptional. We are very grateful for the help! [My provider] is thoughtful and caring and an excellent communicator - we are so grateful for his help!

Spring Health Member

I thought it would be difficult to open up to strangers, to be vulnerable. But it was actually refreshing. They created a space where I feel safe and supported. Being able to just talk it out with someone who's not close to or judging me, is liberating. Thank you for providing this service. I'm looking forward to this healing journey. [My provider] is amazing! Warm, professional and understanding. I wasn't sure what to expect but she listened intentionally, explained the program thoroughly and made me feel totally at ease. I look forward to working with her on this journey.

Spring Health Member

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More than 10 million people worldwide have access to Spring Health

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