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How Investing in Faculty Mental Health Benefits the Entire Campus

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    The challenge

    Faculty of higher education institutions are feeling a toll on their mental health amid the lingering impacts of Covid-19, increased political pressures on campus, high-stakes jobs, and the declining mental health of their students.

    A Boston University study on The Role of Faculty in Student Mental Health found that:

    • 23.6% of professors report having more than two symptoms of depression
    • 9.5% of faculty screened positive for symptoms of major depression
    • 79.3% have had one-on-one conversations with students about their mental health in the past year
    • 20.6% of faculty say that supporting distressed students has impacted their own mental health
    • 45.8% believe their institution should invest more in supporting faculty mental health and wellbeing

    The solution

    Fast access to comprehensive, quality care.

    From the Spring Health platform, faculty members and their families can choose a provider from our diverse network who meets their unique needs, view their availability in real-time, and schedule their first appointment in less than two days.

    A diverse provider network

    Diversity is critically important to our higher education customers. Not only do 47% of Spring Health providers identify as BIPOC (3x the national average), but our network focuses on a wide variety of clinical specialty areas, including anxiety, depression, PTSD, relationships, and parenting.

    Engaging resources

    The Boston University study found that 73% of faculty say they would welcome additional professional development on the topic of student mental health.

    Spring Health develops customized communications planning with each new institution to ensure a successful launch of our benefits. These tailored plans for higher education include webinars and training to reduce faculty burnout and help them effectively support student mental health.

    Unlimited access to a Spring Health Care Navigator

    These master’s level, licensed clinicians provide high-touch guidance and personalized support, care recommendations and referrals, and clarity around the options available for faculty and their families.

    Rapid Response to critical incidents

    When tragedy strikes, a timely response is our top priority. Available 24/7, Spring Health offers onsite and virtual support to help your faculty process a traumatic event.

    Precision Mental Healthcare. 

    Our clinically-validated technology accurately predicts and delivers exactly what will work for each faculty member, eliminating ineffective treatment and speeding recovery time by an average of 8 weeks.

    In-depth reporting

    Spring Health’s proprietary reporting provides clear, comprehensive insights into how members are doing. This allows institutions to better understand the ROI of their Spring Health benefit and its impact on faculty members.

    The results

    Spring Health’s Precision Mental Healthcare approach is helping colleges and universities improve faculty mental health and wellbeing. Our comprehensive, innovative solution reduces burnout, increases faculty retention, and improves staff productivity. 

    Spring Health customers are experiencing these results:

    • 8 weeks: faster recovery than traditional care
    • 70% of members showing improvement in anxiety and depression
    • 12% reduction in total claims cost per Spring Health member
    • 50% reduction in turnover
    • 25% fewer missed workdays
    • $225 in annual productivity savings per member

    *Based on averages across our higher education book of business

    About the Author
    photo authr
    Spring Health

    Spring Health is a comprehensive mental health solution for employers and health plans. Unlike any other solution, we use clinically validated technology called Precision Mental Healthcare to pinpoint and deliver exactly what will work for each person—whether that’s meditation, coaching, therapy, medication, and beyond. Today, Spring Health supports over 4,500 organizations, from startups to multinational Fortune 500 corporations, and is a preferred mental health provider to companies like General Mills, Bain, and DocuSign.

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