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How Instacart Scaled Access to High-Quality Mental Healthcare

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    The challenge

    Instacart is the North American leader in online groceries and one of the fastest growing companies in ecommerce. Their same-day delivery and pickup services bring fresh groceries and everyday essentials to busy people and families across the U.S. and Canada. 

    While Instacart had robust health benefits and a traditional Employee Assistance Program (EAP), they identified mental health as an area that needed its own solution to:

    1. Appeal to their modern, tech-savvy workforce
    2. Support the whole spectrum of mental wellness 
    3. Engage more employees than their existing EAP program
    4. Offered faster access to quality providers

    Why Spring Health

    Instacart chose Spring Health because our comprehensive mental health solution provides these three pillars:

    1. Personalized care for each member
    2. Premium national provider network
    3. Wide spectrum of wellness options
    ”Last year we had over 100 inquiries asking us how to navigate options for mental health…we’re really excited about what we can do with Spring Health.” 
    Margaret Fairbairn, Global Benefits Manager at Instacart

    The approach

    Instacart is changing their workplace mental health culture with Spring Health’s world-class technology and compassionate human support.

    Fast access to personalized care

    Spring Health provides a single front door to mental health support for Instacart employees, and it only takes a few minutes to set up their account and take our short online assessment. 

    In 12 minutes or less, they’re able to book their first appointment with a therapist—who they’ve chosen from a diverse provider network—within two days.

    High-quality support from a diverse provider network

    During the booking process, the member sees a list of providers, complete with the therapist’s specialty, pronouns, gender, and particular areas of expertise—for example, if they have experience working with trauma, LGBTQ+ individuals, or even parents or veterans. 

    Members also have direct access to the provider’s availability within the Spring Health member platform and can see all of a therapist’s upcoming time slots, which are updated in real time.

    Wide spectrum of mental wellness support

    Employee mental health needs range from stress management to dealing with panic attacks, depression, or anxiety. Instacart employees have access to the right level of care for them, from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and medication management to coaching, all with licensed and thoroughly vetted providers.

    Dedicated human guidance

    When it comes to mental health, it can be hard to know where to start. Spring Health matches each member with a dedicated Care Navigator, who is a licensed, master’s-level clinician, and takes away the guesswork during care. They can help find the right therapist, answer questions, schedule appointments, and offer emotional support.

    On-demand digital resources

    Each Instacart member has access to Moments, a library of digital mental wellness exercises to provide immediate relief for a wide range of issues including anxiety, stress, burnout, sleep, and parenting. 

    Specific content recommendations are made based on the member’s goals and assessment results, and Providers and Care Navigators may also recommend Moments as a supplement to other care.

    The results

    Immediate access to personalized, quality care eliminates barriers to mental healthcare and drives positive clinical outcomes. Instacart is seeing the greatest impact in these key areas.


    The average overall engagement rate with Instacart’s traditional EAP was less than 5%. After implementing Spring Health, 20% of their employees enrolled within the first 30 days.

    Instacart employees were able to find and book more than 360 in-person or video appointments at the most convenient time for them within the first 90 days. 

    “I had a wonderful first appointment with my therapist. They were an incredibly attentive listener and took in a significant amount of initial intake information and perspectives from me that will help guide our sessions to come.
    Instacart employee enrolled in Spring Health program


    The national average wait time for a new therapy appointment is 25 days. Within the first 90 days of offering Spring Health, Instacart members booked more than 360 in-person or online appointments.

    Today, Instacart members are able to search for a provider by specialty, background, and ethnicity, and get into care in an average of 1.5 days. 

    Clinical Improvements

    World-class clinical trials typically result in 47% of participants improving their symptoms, in an average of 12 appointments. It takes an average of 5.19 appointments for Instacart members to report improvement of symptoms.  

    Additionally, 75% of their members have improved depression symptoms in an average of 6.21 therapy sessions, 74% have improved their anxiety in an average of 6.43 therapy sessions, and 60% with functional impairment are showing measurable clinical improvement. 

    ”I have fought three custody battles, the loss of friends and family, a career change, and self worth issues. All of which affected my mental health directly. My therapist has a direct hand in shaping my mental health to be HEALTHY and I love her for that!” 
    Instacart employee enrolled in Spring Health program

    Provider network quality

    Instacart employees are delighted with the quality of Spring Health’s provider network. In fact, they’ve given a 9.5/10 provider satisfaction rating. 

    “My provider is excellent at taking the time to really help me. I have been having difficult times with issues but she has always been there and given me clear ways of managing the situation better.“
    Instacart employee enrolled in Spring Health program
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    Spring Health

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