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Recharged and Reinvigorated: Sabbatical Stories from Four Weeks Off

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    One year ago, Spring Health launched our Spring Renewal program, a one-month sabbatical leave awarded to every employee every four years. The sabbatical isn’t just about time off. We encourage our team members to use this time to prioritize self-care—whether it’s a moment to rest, self-reflect, pursue new passions, or reconnect with what brings them joy and purpose.

    Our team members choose to invest their time at Spring Health, so it’s imperative we prioritize their well-being in return. We’re excited to share stories of our team members who participated in Spring Renewal and how they spent their time during their four weeks.

    The power of pause: DeDe’s reflections of rest and realization

    DeDe has journeyed with Spring Health since its early stages, experiencing firsthand the exhilarating and, at times, exhausting pace of hypergrowth. Her sabbatical story begins with a desire for something that seemed almost radical in the context of hypergrowth: profound rest. "I did a lot of nothing. And it was refreshing," she states, countering the typical expectation of grand adventures with the simple pleasures of solitude, gardening, and audiobooks.

    Her sabbatical wasn’t just a break, but a reclamation of space and time for herself. This period of introspection led her to complete her CEAP certification, a goal long deferred. But beyond professional achievements, the sabbatical offered her a chance to disconnect fully—a rare luxury in a remote work environment. "Being able to disconnect...knowing my team had my back while I was gone," she reflects, underlining the sense of community and support that makes such a break possible.

    Her story captures the essence of self-care and the impact of a sabbatical on mental well-being. "My sabbatical was a great time to think about all I have experienced and accomplished. I feel more intentional after my return and can be a better sister, daughter, wife, and team member because of it."

    DeDe returned with renewed pride in her contributions, a clearer vision for her future at Spring Health, and a deeper appreciation for her teammates. She argues that this sabbatical is not just a break, but a vital tool for sustaining long-term passion and dedication, enhancing personal life and professional engagement.

    Jade’s journey: Self-Care and family support

    As an early member of the Care Team, Jade witnessed Spring Health’s evolution from a small startup, when it was just 50 people, to an industry leader in mental health. Her sabbatical offered a much-needed pause from the exhilaration of hypergrowth. "Having the freedom to do whatever I wanted was liberating.

    During her four weeks, she embraced the opportunity to engage deeply with her favorite hobbies and spend quality time with loved ones. Her sabbatical coincided with a family health crisis, allowing her to be with her aunt and grandmother during a crucial time. This unexpected alignment of time and need underscored the sabbatical’s value beyond mere relaxation.

    Reflecting on her sabbatical, she appreciates the benefit and the new perspective on work-life balance it provides. "The sabbatical greatly benefitted my mental health and improved my relationship with work," she explains, highlighting the clarity and balance gained through stepping away for four weeks.

    Her experience illustrates the critical importance of self-care and family time in maintaining balance amidst rapid company growth and change. "The ability to disconnect and achieve a true work-life balance is heavily influenced by our mindset, but it also takes active and intentional practice to reap the benefits."

    Jade’s experience is a testament to the restorative power of disconnection and the significance of sabbaticals in redefining our relationship with work, especially in a growing company.

    Charlotte’s global adventure: Self-discovery in the wild

    Starting as a coordinator and growing alongside Spring Health, Charlotte’s sabbatical was a bold exploration of self and the world. Traveling through eight cities between New Zealand and Australia, she immersed herself in nature and adventure, a stark contrast to a rapidly expanding company’s dynamic and changing environment. "I spent about three weeks traveling independently—seeing kangaroos, koalas, sharks..." she shares, embracing the freedom and discovery that came with her time off.

    This solo adventure gave her unforgettable experiences and fostered a new sense of independence and confidence. "Independent travel gave me a ton of confidence," she reflects, noting the parallel between navigating unfamiliar landscapes and maneuvering through the challenges of hypergrowth. "As a foster parent and a military spouse, my life is constantly changing. Taking time to really slow down, disconnect, reflect outside of work, and focus on myself is my biggest takeaway. I feel much more refreshed personally and professionally.”

    Returning from her sabbatical, she brought back not just memories, but a renewed sense of purpose and a broader perspective on her role in mental health for herself and the work she does at Spring Health.

    Reflecting on the journey together

    DeDe, Jade, and Charlotte’s sabbatical stories highlight the transformative potential of taking intentional time off. Their experiences reveal the personal benefits of such breaks and their broader impact on Spring Health’s culture, fostering a community that values rest, reflection, and personal development.

    As we navigate the challenges and triumphs of growing at an unprecedented pace, these sabbatical stories serve as vital reminders of the importance of pausing, recharging, and reconnecting with what truly matters. Spring Health remains committed to supporting our team’s well-being and aspirations, recognizing that our collective success is built on the foundation of individual fulfillment and growth.

    Inspired by our team’s experience? We’re currently hiring for a number of roles across our company. Apply to our open roles here.

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