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Life at Spring Health with Carly Taglienti

We sat down with Carly to learn more about her experience as a (recently promoted!) Senior Business Development Representative at Spring Health, the company culture, and her advice if you’re thinking about applying for one of our many open positions.

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    Three months after Carly Taglienti joined Spring Health, the company announced it had achieved a $2 billion valuation. Carly was in the office that day and had the opportunity to celebrate alongside the team and Adam Chekroud, our Co-founder and President. 

    She says, “Being a part of that moment, as a new employee, truly inspired me even more about the amazing work this company is doing.” This is still her favorite memory thus far, and adds, “I’m so excited for all the memories to come.”

    We sat down with Carly to learn more about her experience as a (recently promoted!) Senior Business Development Representative at Spring Health, the company culture, and her advice to you if you’re thinking about applying for one of our many open positions

    What attracted you to Spring Health?

    I was looking for a mission-driven company in the healthcare space. In my previous role as a pediatric speech pathologist, I experienced the toll that mental health issues can take on both children and their parents. 

    After watching many of them struggle with different barriers to mental healthcare, I was immediately drawn to the problems Spring Health is solving.

    Coming from a non-sales background, what has your experience been like on the Sales team?

    It's been one of constant learning and growth. I have refined several skills, such as organization, resilience, and teamwork. The Sales team has given me room to grow with new responsibilities, onboarding new employees, and working with cross-functional teams. 

    One of the most valuable parts of my experience has been learning how a successful business operates, deals with challenges, and is able to pivot as it grows (and grows fast!).

    What skills have you been developing as part of the Sales team?

    There is a long list of new skills I’ve developed. The three that stand out most in my development over the past year are strategic-thinking, leadership, and leading a meeting. 

    Rejection is a huge part of sales, especially in the BDR role, and part of learning to deal with that is thinking more strategically. When rejected, taking a step back and strategizing a new route to take, new content to use, or new people to connect with is so important. 

    At Spring Health, I have the space to give, take, and implement feedback from colleagues with different perspectives.

    Learning to think more creatively and doing things that might be out-of-the-box has been a major area of personal growth for me. Leadership skills encompass many things, but the guidance that I have received from both teammates and my managers has allowed me to be a mentor to new team members, be more vocal, and receive feedback. 

    Lastly, having opportunities to lead meetings and give presentations is something I hadn’t done in a professional setting before joining the BDR team. Creating a presentation and then presenting it to my peers, as well as AEs and managers, is giving me invaluable experience and helping me develop skills I need to move up in my career. 

    Continuously learning and having the opportunity to develop new skills is embedded into the culture of Spring Health, and I am so grateful for that. 

    What has been your favorite project to work on?

    Sales leadership, especially my direct managers, do a fantastic job of integrating our team into cross-functional projects. I was lucky enough to be involved with a project that dealt with our Clinical Care Support team. 

    My manager and I partnered with members of the marketing and clinical support teams to write emails to recruit new clinical therapists to join our Spring Health network. This was an incredible opportunity for me in several ways. 

    First, it gave me the opportunity to work cross-functionally with other teams and meet new people at the company. Second, it allowed me to bring knowledge of my background as a therapist to my new role in sales. Working with other teams and learning from them has been a huge growth opportunity for me at Spring.

    How would you describe the company culture?

    Spring Health’s culture is respectful and balanced. At every level, there is an understanding that self care, mental health, physical health, family, and personal life sometimes need to come before work. 

    Every employee at Spring Health has respect for our mission, members, and colleagues. This creates an environment where each employee works hard because they are driven by the mission, with the understanding that a good work-life balance is important to the success of the company.

    What advice do you have for potential applicants?

    If you are looking for a mission driven company, with colleagues and managers that truly care, and with an emphasis on career growth and development, then you should absolutely apply!

    Interested in joining our Sales team? We're currently hiring for BDR positions in New York City (hybrid) and Austin (remote). 

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