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Navigating Care: A Year in My Life as a Spring Health Community Care Advocate

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Dylan Gibbons
Community Care Advocate
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    Hey, I'm Dylan Gibbons, a Community Care Advocate at Spring Health. My role? Providing comprehensive support to employees dealing with life's curveballs. Let me take you on a journey through my first year in this vital role.

    The first three months: Initial challenges and growth

    Picture trying to drink from a fire hydrant—that was the first three months. Creating handbooks, learning Salesforce, and shaping the role—it was a whirlwind. It felt like we were building the plane as we flew it, but that's the beauty of startup life. The team and I laid the groundwork, created workflows, and built relationships  with a new customer. Those initial challenges? They were also moments of foundational growth.

    Months four to six: Building momentum

    As the initial challenges settled, the following months saw us gaining momentum. Improved workflows meant more meaningful engagement with the customer and its employees. These were months of continuous growth and insights. It's incredible how much a team can accomplish when everyone is on the same page and pushing towards the same goals.

    Background and transferable skills

    I didn't just land here overnight. I graduated with a master's in Social Work in 2020. My journey? It involved supporting victims of crime, diving into the nitty-gritty of community mental health, and even doing community organizing. Those experiences gave me skills—problem-solving, adaptability, time management, collaboration, and relationship building—crucial for my first year at Spring Health. Every piece of the puzzle has a place, and unexpected experiences often become the most valuable.

    Rewards of the role

    The most rewarding part? Understanding the hearts and minds of employees in need. Engaging in conversations about eviction, food insecurity, and financial struggles is an honor. I've learned that people want more than just solutions; they want to be heard and seen. Working with a talented team at Spring Health is a joy. We share a dedication to creating the best solutions. It's not just a job; it's a mission.

    Impactful support: A personal story

    Let me share a story - an employee was going through a tough time—grief, family issues, and financial challenges. It's moments like these where our role isn't just about ticking off tasks; it's about being human. I prioritized listening and creating a safe space. The employee found it invaluable. It's these human connections that make the role meaningful.

    "Every meeting I have with an employee is an opportunity for me to encourage them that even though challenges will always be there, Spring is willing to provide a helping hand."


    So, what's it like being a Community Care Advocate at Spring Health? It's not just a job; it's a commitment to breaking down barriers and providing immediate connections to community and company resources. My story is one of many—a testament to the care, compassion, and mission to eliminate every barrier to mental health.

    Ready to dive deeper? Join me on a journey into the world of a Community Care Advocate. Learn about the incredible impact of our team at Spring Health. We’re hiring in Brooklyn, NY, Los Angeles, CA, and Queens, NY.

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    Dylan Gibbons
    Community Care Advocate

    Dylan Gibbons, a 2020 MSW graduate and Los Angeles resident, seeks to create change in the mental health space. He has worked in a variety of sectors, including law enforcement, community clinical mental health, community organizing, and long-term care management. He is passionate about removing barriers to accessing mental health, promoting workplace mental health and well-being, and applying practical solutions to structural issues.

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