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Life at Spring Health with Eli Greenwald

Eli to talk about what it’s like to be a BDR Manager at Spring Health, what the company culture is really like, and his advice if you’re thinking about applying for one of our many open positions.

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    Growing up, Eli Greenwald saw the challenges of untreated mental illness firsthand. 

    This had a significant impact on his family for many years, and as a result, Spring Health’s mission to eliminate every barrier to mental healthcare really resonated with him. 

    Eli says, “It gives me motivation to know the work I do directly impacts families all over the world, just like mine.”

    We sat down with Eli to talk about what it’s like to be a Business Development Representative (BDR) Manager at Spring Health, what the company culture is really like, and his advice if you’re thinking about applying for one of our many open positions

    Why did you choose to become a BDR Manager instead of an Account Executive? 

    I wanted to hone my leadership skills. Leading a team requires a different skill set than being an Account Executive, and learning how to be a manager helps me develop skills that I’ll carry with me for the rest of my life.

    How is Spring Health’s Sales team different from other organizations you’ve been part of? 

    Spring Health does a fantastic job of fostering a collaborative work environment. When I need coaching or have new ideas, there’s always been an openness for me to grow and to help our team grow, and I think that’s really special. 

    I’ve been a part of other sales teams that I’d describe as more “survival of the fittest.” This makes for a hyper competitive environment where people don’t want to help each other, because that’s seen as helping the competition. 

    My teammates at Spring are always willing to hop on a call and talk things out with me. Sometimes it’s a mutually beneficial project that can help both of us. Other times it’s just an opportunity for one person to share an insight that could help others find success. 

    I’ve never been part of a team that can balance competition and individual + team growth like we do here.

    Our culture of collaboration is incredible, and from my experience in the space, it's very rare in sales organizations.

    What’s the most impactful thing you’ve learned in your time at Spring Health?

    As a BDR,  I’ve really grown in my ability to be more thoughtful and personal in my outreach. It’s something every BDR team wants to do, and also something every BDR says they can do. 

    But here at Spring Health, I’ve made huge improvements in this area. I feel like I wouldn’t have learned this on many other teams.

    As a manager, I’ve learned how to look at data a certain way when evaluating teams and BDR’s. Because of my background in science, I feel very comfortable around datasets—particularly with how they can tell a story to highlight specific strengths and weaknesses. 

    Before Spring Health, I wasn’t given an opportunity to understand what data to look at and where to find it. By helping me improve in this area, my teammates at Spring Health have emboldened a part of my personality that was waiting to be showcased, making me more comfortable with who I am as a leader.

    Do you have a favorite Spring Health memory?

    I have a few. As a BDR, I cold called the CHRO of a massive Biotech company that I’d been targeting for months. I had a great conversation with the prospect while she was standing in her driveway, waiting for a contractor to arrive. 

    We ended up closing the account. 

    As a manager, I recently listened to a cold call by a BDR that I’d been working with since their first day—one month of coaching and role-playing various scenarios. I felt so proud hearing them nail all the value props and handle all the objections we'd rehearsed a million times together. Hearing the prospect book a meeting at the end of the call was just pure bliss. 

    I think I get more excited when my team books their own meetings more than when I book my own calls.

    What would you say to potential applicants?

    Spring Health is a wonderful place to work where you can really make an impact. Our team is intimate enough to develop professional relationships that will last a lifetime. 

    Additionally, being able to work for such a mission driven company in a market that’s really in its infancy is a treat. I have so much fun doing what I do, and I don’t take that for granted. 

    How would you describe the company culture?

    When applying, I had other offers, but chose to come to Spring Health specifically because of the company culture. It’s a culture of very intelligent people who are genuine mental health advocates, which makes what we do every day so much more special. 

    People here care about what we’re doing, and believe in doing the right thing and making the world a better place.

    We’re open and honest about improvement, understanding that none of us are perfect. Again, it goes back to people being genuine. 

    Perfection is something we strive for here but understand we’ll never achieve. This creates a culture where we’re not afraid to make mistakes. Instead, we look to learn from them. It’s quite refreshing honestly.

    Interested in joining our Sales team? We’re currently hiring for our entire BDR Team: BDR Managers in New York City (hybrid), as well as BDR positions in New York City (hybrid) and Austin (remote)

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