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Transform and Elevate Your Employee Assistance Program

Fast access to whole family mental healthcare

The average wait time for a pediatric therapy appointment is 7.5 weeks. With Spring Health, parents can get a therapy appointment for their child in 2 days or less.

For working parents, managing treatment and caring for kids who are struggling with mental health takes a toll.

Spring Health alleviates this burden with a single place for whole family support, including appointment scheduling and care management, parent coaches, self-serve tools, and dedicated human guidance from a clinical Care Navigator.

Results you can count on

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< 2

days to see
a provider

image diagram  24%

faster recovery
than typical care

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less likely to turn over
after sign-up

We eliminate trial-and-error in care by data analysis

Leading the global EAP transformation through a singular solution

Spring Health delivers mental healthcare for families around the world through our localized, culturally embedded provider networks.

In 2023, the Spring Health platform and care networks will be available in more than 40 countries and over 20 languages. Globally, the average time to appointment for Spring Health members is less than two days.

Watch our conversation with Sophie Gelsthorpe, Chief People Officer of KAYAK & OpenTable, to hear how they’re supporting employee mental health around the world.

Dedicated Team of Consultants

Developing a healthier workforce through positive change

Spring Health coaches specialize in a range of topics related to Health and Wellness, Parenting, and Personal Development.

As part of a stratified approach to care, coaching can be complementary, independent of, or an introductory step to therapy. Coaching helps employees develop healthier, more sustainable, and less costly behaviors that drive improvements personally and professionally.

Transform and Elevate Your Employee Assistance Program

Prevention, treatment, and recovery

Spring Health assesses where employees are on the SUD spectrum, and within 24 hours, a licensed clinician reaches out to start their recovery journey.

It’s estimated that 75% of US adults with SUD are employed full-time. From proactive early detection and triage to care delivery, recovery, and ongoing support, Spring Health offers a full-spectrum navigation and treatment solution for individuals with substance use disorder (SUD).

Treatment is based on individual needs, up to and including in-patient care, and each member is paired with a dedicated clinician who specializes in SUD.

Dedicated Team of Consultants

Set your leaders up for success

Managers have access to a dedicated clinical Care Navigator who can advise on leadership challenges, make referrals, or lend emotional support.

People leaders are often the first line of support for employees. Spring Health equips managers with the tools they need to have supportive conversations and handle emotions with care.

In addition to a dedicated Care Navigator, all managers have access to training sessions, self-serve tools, and additional resources.

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Improve the mental health of your employees and reduce the risk of absenteeism and lost productivity today.

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