Organizational Programming

While your workforce might not need a transformation, your organization will always need support.

Transform and Elevate Your Employee Assistance Program

Comprehensive support for every type of leader

People leaders have easy access to guides, tactical action plans, and on-demand digital exercises that cover topics such as managing conflict, building healthy teams, and providing support during a crisis. When they need more support, clinicians who specialize in organizational dynamics are a phone call away, to provide:

  • Confidential general support 
  • Clear pathways to make employee referrals or seek general guidance
  • Deeper one-on-one phone consultations to increase confidence in having difficult conversations 
  • Referrals for specialized evaluations including Fitness for Duty (FFD) and Substance Abuse Professional (SAP) Referrals

Support for organizations across industries

Spring Health delivers a range of services to provide immediate relief in times of crisis, and build a strong foundation for healthy culture.

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Help leaders to flourish, build on their strengths and role model positive behaviors at work.

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With a team of on-call clinical experts, leaders have what they need to confidently navigate uncertainty in the workplace.

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Effective crisis support after a disruptive event.

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A curated calendar of events helps reinforce and accelerate company-wide practices that promote mental health.

Our Solutions

  • Telephonic management consultations
  • On-demand leadership development via Moments
  • Critical Incident Response (CIR)
  • Manager eLibrary of how-to mental health resources
  • Manager Referrals
  • Crisis Communication playbooks 
  • In-House Clinicians

Ready to see us in action?

Start improving your workforce healthcare today.

Foster a supportive work culture

While many organizations make mental health a top priority, resources are often targeted only at individual employee behavior. Spring Health offers interventions that will improve organizational culture at scale.

image diagram  24%

workers are more likely to search for new jobs  if they are in an unhealthy workplace

image diagram  24%

of managers report experiencing burnout compared to 25% of individual contributors

image diagram  24%

of workers say their workplace conditions have contributed to at least one mental health challenge

image diagram  24%

of HR decision makers report mental health as top priority

Clinical programming

Designed and delivered by mental healthcare experts, our training and programming helps teams adapt and respond during challenging times.

Transform and Elevate Your Employee Assistance Program

Introduction to Mental Health for Managers

Get to know Spring Health, your mental wellness benefit and learn ways to support your employees’ wellbeing

Recognize and Respond

Learn how people leaders can feel more empowered in recognizing and responding to mental health conditions

The Importance of Taking Time Off

Understand the benefits of modeling taking vacation and the value time of spent away from work

Emotional Intelligence for Managers

Learn how it can be an effective tool to lead through self-awareness and relationship management

Clinical programming

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Over 4,500 employers around the world trust Spring Health

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Improve the mental health of your employees and reduce the risk of absenteeism and lost productivity today.

  • Evidence-based approach

  • Variety of solutions

  • Cost-effective