Spring Health partners with Castlight Health to offer Precision Mental Healthcare through industry-leading health and wellbeing platform

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    Spring Health today announced its partnership with digital health navigation platform Castlight Health. Both employers and health plans can now choose to access Spring Health’s full suite of comprehensive behavioral health benefits through the Castlight Health ecosystem.

    “Castlight is a pioneer in the industry, and we’re thrilled to be joining their partner network as a trusted mental health provider,” said Marc Jacobs, Chief Revenue Officer at Spring. “Castlight and Spring Health are aligned in our shared belief that every mental health journey is unique. Both of us have paired a data-driven approach with concierge care navigation.  We know that this intersection is the future of mental wellness, and we’re delighted to be able to share that approach with all of Castlight’s customers.”

    Castlight Health connects health vendors, benefits resources, and plan designs into a comprehensive health and wellbeing experience.  To encourage engagement in Spring Health, Castlight’s Wellbeing Navigator and Complete solutions allow members to earn rewards each time they complete designated activities such as performing mental health check-ins, scheduling therapy appointments, or completing a Moment’s exercise.  In addition, Castlight’s Genius functionality meets members where they are in their health journey and provides personalized recommendations to guide more members to programs they could benefit from like Spring Health.

    Castlight’s customers can leverage Spring Health’s offering through a single point of vendor management through the Castlight customer administrative dashboard, eliminating administrative burdens associated with separate procurement, security, vetting, contracting, invoicing, and reporting. Members can access Spring Health through their Castlight platform, providing them seamless access to a wide range of clinical and sub-clinical solutions, and personalized care navigation.

    “Behavioral health continues to be one of the most important priorities for employers and health plans to better support members and their families during the extended pandemic and now return to work,” said Matt Moran, senior vice president of Corporate Development at Castlight. “As a data-driven company focused on impact and outcomes through our navigation platform, we appreciate Spring Health’s shared approach, and are excited to add one of the most comprehensive behavioral health point solutions into our industry-leading ecosystem of digital health partners.”

    Spring Health connects its users with any type of mental healthcare they need—members receive their own personalized care plan, including digital cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) exercises, coaching, therapy, medication, or employee assistance program (EAP) services.  This approach leads to faster outcomes, higher engagement, and healthier, happier employees.  The company’s precision approach to mental health is grounded in science and based on a proprietary mix of technology with a human touch.  By partnering with Castlight, Spring Health’s personalized approach to mental health is now available to millions of Castlight users, further advancing Spring Health’ mission of eliminating barriers to mental health.

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