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One Year Later: Reflections on Spring Connect, the Official Community for Spring Health Providers

Spring Connect is the official Spring Health provider community, offering growth and development opportunities for our Provider Leads.

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    It’s no secret that mental health providers are in high demand. As we field calls and emails from recruiters, we may ask ourselves which company will meet our needs, value our work, and provide the necessary resources to be our clinical best. 

    Spring Connect is designed to do just that, and better than anyone else.

    What is Spring Connect?

    Spring Connect is the official Spring Health provider community, offering structure, intuitive technology, and growth and development opportunities for Spring Health’s Provider Leads.

    We celebrate and advance the deep impact providers make in our patients’ lives through programming that amplifies clinical expertise and encourages new skill development. 

    Too often, client referrals, networking opportunities, continuing education, and clinical tools feel like piecemeal offerings. At Spring Health, we look at all our services holistically, to ensure providers have easy access to what they need to grow personally and professionally. 

    Spring Connect creates one seamless and enjoyable experience. 

    Donna Massey, LMHC, LPC, LPCC has been a Spring Health Provider since October of 2019. She says, “Spring Health has been an organization that drives me personally to give 110%. Communication, cheerful spirits, understanding, and genuine concern for our clients are worth working hard for. I am happy to give Spring Health and my clients my very best."

    Practice with us

    Spring Health is a global, comprehensive mental health solution for employers and health plans. We offer precise, personalized, and proven care to millions of members.  

    Providers are essential to our solution, and we give you what you need to deliver the best care to Spring Health members. 

    Studies show that less than 20% of providers routinely use outcome measures in their clinical practice. 

    Our measurement-based care tools help you make more accurate diagnoses, modify treatment plans in real time, and improve client outcomes faster. You’ll receive daily and monthly clinical reports to identify trends in your caseload, and learn about your patients, even before your first session with them.

    We’ve also built Compass by Spring Health, an all-in-one platform to transform how you document, plan, and deliver virtual or in-person care. Providers often use multiple, disparate systems to manage their caseload, view or schedule upcoming appointments, review a patient’s assessments or prior notes, track invoices and payments, and host their telehealth sessions. 

    Compass is one system to schedule, prep, document, and bill for a patient session.

    Expand with us

    Learn and develop new skills beyond one-on-one therapy to reach more people and help them improve their mental health. 

    There are many opportunities to get involved:

    • Advisory panels. Our Provider Advisory Board informs our recruitment and Spring Health member outreach strategies.  
    • Workforce psychoeducation training and discussions. From holding small group conversations about loneliness or substance use disorders to teaching attendees how to better manage their stress, our providers educate diverse employee populations.
    • Product Testing. Providers regularly test and provide feedback on the new and existing measurement-based care tools, and the electronic health record we’re building internally. 
    • Blog Writing. Each month, we publish blog posts written by and for therapists on our website.  

    Grow with us

    There are other opportunities to grow your therapy skills and business within and beyond Spring Health, whether it’s related to financial planning or choosing the right business designation for your therapy practice. 

    Newly accredited by the American Psychological Association, you can access free Continuing Education Courses multiple times a year, live or on demand. Past topics included Insomnia, Substance Use, and Therapeutic Alliance. 

    Providers in select states also receive reimbursement to obtain licenses in additional states. They attend case conferences and more informal peer consultation hours to discuss challenging cases, and share clinical insights in a relaxed environment. 

    Network with us

    Spring Health providers feel heard and supported. Susan Oxford, LCSW, says, “Spring Health is the best [mental health] provider I’ve ever worked with. I am sure to tell other therapists, and say the same to my Spring Health patients. The response rate, assistance for providers, advocacy for patients, and resources are phenomenal.” 

    We offer excellent customer service, from your first interaction with one of our clinical recruiters, to our credentialing and onboarding process. 

    We respond quickly, whether you have a question about a clinical consultation, an upcoming patient appointment, or a reminder about a community event. There is always someone available to answer your clinical, administrative, or social questions within an average of one business day. 

    We also keep you informed. It’s easy to stay up to date on the latest with Spring Health through our office hours, provider and member management phone and email support, online resource pages, monthly newsletters, and network presentations.   

    Provider Leads

    Spring Connect has five Provider Leads who are each assigned to an area of expertise to maintain our network. These include quality management, community building, and early provider support and training.  

    “It’s about leveraging our relationships as a community and sharing the knowledge we have,” says Provider Lead Carlos Rivera, LCSW, MBA, MPH.

    Provider Leads have been practicing for an average of 15 years, and are diverse from a geographic, specialty, language, and racial/ethnic perspective. Some have been with Spring Health since 2018. They bring a good mix of clinical expertise and business acumen, coming from private practice, science, higher education, and nonprofit/corporate administrative roles. 

    Provider Leads offer clinical leadership and general support. “I think they can expect good clinical insights, a good sense of humor, and frankly, a get-stuff-done kind of attitude,” says Provider Lead Kate Murphy, LCSW.

    Want to join the Spring Health Provider Community?  

    Whether you’re a seasoned therapist or have just a few years experience in the field, Spring Connect has something for you. Providers love working with us and partnering on our mission to eliminate every barrier to mental healthcare. 

    As Spring Connect member Christopher Peraro, MA, LPC says, “Spring Health not only really cares about our patients, but clearly cares about the providers, too!"

    You can learn more about Spring Health here, or apply here.

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    Will Alexander (LMFT)
    National Clinical Director

    Will is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with over a decade of experience providing talk therapy and non-profit capacity building services. He is passionate about improving equitable and quality access to services targeting mental health and wellbeing.

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