How Spring Health's Latest EHR Enhancements Are Helping Providers Improve Mental Health Outcomes

Compass, Spring Health’s electronic health records platform that enables frictionless mental health care, scores far above the industry average for ease of use.

Spring Health provider using Compass, the easiest to use electronic health records platform in the mental health industry.

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    We're excited to announce a set of significant enhancements to our best-in-class electronic health records (EHR) platform Compass, to help standardize outcomes-based care in clinical practice and create lasting positive changes in the delivery of care.

    Compass was launched last year to drive high-quality care decisions for more patients while reducing friction and red tape for providers. Already, the platform has proven to be among the easiest to use electronic health records in the mental health industry.

    In fact, a recent test conducted by Spring Health shows that unaffiliated clinicians scored Compass a 77.5 on the industry-standard System Usability Scale. That “B+” grade vastly surpasses the average of 46 (“F”) for EHRs and the average of 68 (“C”) for all consumer technologies, meaning that providers using Compass ultimately spend their time focusing on delivering care rather than troubleshooting the technology. The superior usability and enhanced efficiency improve clinician work-life balance and enhance patient experience, which lead to improved mental health outcomes and reduced healthcare costs.

    Compass’ high usability scores are further validated by a 97% year-over-year retention rate for Spring Health’s providers.

    “We are proud of the broadly positive reception for Compass, particularly its strong usability scores and near-total user retention,” says Robin Lloyd, Spring Health’s Chief Operating and Product Officer. “Now we’re taking this market-leading platform even further, with a host of significant enhancements that will support improved care while remaining relentlessly focused on provider experience.”

    Building on Compass’ success, Spring Health is enhancing its capabilities to help providers make clinical decisions and improve mental health outcomes. Studies show that such tools are typically underutilized due to perceived impracticality in clinical workflows, with only 20% of clinicians using them routinely.

    In response, Spring Health has implemented a four-pronged approach to standardize the effective use of outcomes-based care through Compass:

    • Simplified workflows: Spring Health's Precision Mental Health assessment results are integrated within clinical documentation, enabling faster decision making and reducing the time it takes to uncover relevant data.

    • Improved data visualizations: Enhanced charts, built on industry leading design principles, allow clinicians to visualize patient results over time from Spring Health's precision mental health assessments.

    • Accessible education and change management: On-demand and live, clinician-led training series coupled with in-product educational content to provide real examples of how to use outcomes-based care in clinical practice to encourage widespread adoption.

    • Enhanced monitoring: Lasting provider behavior change is monitored with Candela, Spring Health’s pay for performance system based on mental health outcomes.

    For clinicians, these enhancements mean faster decision support, enhanced patient safety, and better outcomes. Unlike other EHRs on the market, Spring Health allows clinicians to access Compass without exclusive contract agreements, meaning more providers can use this high-quality tool.

    With Compass, Spring Health is enabling clinicians to be more efficient with both their record keeping and their decision making, which allows them to spend more time working directly with patients. In the face of a nationwide provider shortage and the challenges of establishing therapeutic relationships, this added time is crucial for driving better mental health outcomes and minimizing care costs.

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