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Worker's Guide to Beating the Holiday Blues

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    Feeling a little blue in the winter months is common. Between the stress of the holidays, increased demands at work, and less daylight, it's normal for people to experience changes in mood. In fact, 60% of Americans feel stressed during the holiday season and 47% of Americans are stressed about their finances this time of year.But there are simple yet effective ways to help reduce holiday stress, both at home and and work.

    Tips for Employees

    Reach out to loved ones — Even though many people are vaccinated, big holiday gatherings might be cancelled or scaled down this year. If you can’t see family or friends in person this holiday season, make an effort to connect on the phone or online.Give yourself permission to say, “No” — A packed schedule of activities during the holidays can take the joy right out of your schedule,leaving you burnt out. Say no to events that you really don’t want to attend, whether they are in-person gatherings or virtual happy hours with colleagues.Give back to your communities — Donating food, money, and/or time can brighten the holidays for those around you. Giving to others can help offset depression and provide a deeper sense of purpose.Don’t rely on alcohol and drugs— Overindulging may seem like a good short-term fix for relieving holiday stress, anxiety, or blues, but in the end, they make the situation worse. Instead, try exercise, mindfulness activities such as meditation, or listening to uplifting music.

    Tips for Companies and Managers

    Increase workplace flexibility — Allow employees a more flexible schedule when possible. Permitting people to take care of some personal holiday business can give them some breathing room outside of work.Schedule workplace holiday events during work hours — Workplace holiday events that happen outside of normal work hours can place additional stress on an already busy schedule. Allow employees to devote their off-work time to their personal holiday responsibilities and activities.Be extra aware of those who have suffered a loss — Because of the pandemic, more employees may be facing a holiday season where they are mourning the loss of loved ones. Let employees know you remember what they’ve been through by asking how they are doing.Encourage your employees to ask for support – If your company offers a mental health benefit, this is a great time of year for people to start using it. From therapy and mindfulness exercises to recovery support, Spring Health offers comprehensive, personalized mental healthcare for employees and their families.Learn more about how we can support you and your teams at springhealth.com.

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    photo authr
    Spring Health

    Spring Health is a comprehensive mental health solution for employers and health plans. Unlike any other solution, we use clinically validated technology called Precision Mental Healthcare to pinpoint and deliver exactly what will work for each person—whether that’s meditation, coaching, therapy, medication, and beyond. Today, Spring Health supports over 4,500 organizations, from startups to multinational Fortune 500 corporations, and is a preferred mental health provider to companies like General Mills, Bain, and DocuSign.

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