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How a High-Quality Provider Network Can Improve Your ROI

The ROI of a provider network gives you insight into one of the signs of a strong mental health program: improved productivity and presence at work.

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    When choosing a mental health solution, the ultimate goal is to deliver support for your members quickly. The sooner they see changes in their lives, the better. However, timeliness can’t eclipse quality. Top-tier care means fast access to quality providers who can help you and your members improve in all aspects of life, including work. Clinical outcomes are one of the most important ways to evaluate mental health solutions. The ROI of a provider network is equally important, giving you insight into one of the signs of a strong mental health program: improved productivity and presence at work. 

    One of the most impactful ways a provider network can improve ROI is by attracting top clinicians. A diverse network of high-quality providers can help your members achieve faster outcomes, reduce turnover, and lower the number of missed workdays. 

    Measuring ROI: Why it matters

    Measuring progress is how we gain confidence in the process. This is true for members as they move along their wellness journey, but it’s also true for companies and health plans who want to identify exactly how a provider network is supporting their growth. Most employee mental health programs track improvements in health-related behaviors, not in spending. Without this information, it’s difficult to be strategic and ensure you’re providing an evidence-based solution. 

    Tracking ROI can tell you whether or not the mental health benefit you’ve chosen is sustainable. When evaluating an innovative solution, you’ll want to know:

    • Are employees going to use this significantly more than a traditional EAP?
    • Will it increase productivity and reduce the number of missed work days?
    • Will it help me attract top talent while also boosting retention?

    How the right mental health solution can improve ROI

    We are the only mental health solution that measures return on investment by tracking productivity, absenteeism, and employee retention. Here’s what we’ve learned from doing this.

    Top clinicians lead to faster outcomes

    When a member is navigating a mental health issue, they often feel stuck. Having a high-quality provider network could make the difference between seeing improvements in six weeks versus six months. Everyone is different. What each member needs will take a unique amount of time. However, having top clinicians available ensures that no time is wasted, and your members can feel better, faster. 

    Finding the right fit for your members is essential

    Another question you’ll want to answer is: are my employees getting matched with the support they actually need? It’s essential that your mental health solution can connect your members to the right care, whether that’s therapy, coaching, medication management, or a combination. The quicker they’re able to find a good fit and establish therapeutic alliance, the sooner their lives will improve. 

    Sometimes a provider isn’t a good match, and that’s okay. A little trial and error can be a part of the process. This is where licensed Care Navigators can help the member identify what wasn’t working and narrow down their search. They’re more likely to get it right the next time. 

    Quality of life drastically improves

    In addition to faster outcomes, a network of top clinicians means higher rates of improvement. They're able to help members meet their wellness goals, which can lead to a domino effect. Empowerment is a powerful feeling that can create forward momentum in all areas of our lives. When a member overcomes an obstacle or makes positive strides in their mental health, it can boost self-esteem and provide the courage to tackle other challenges they may be facing.

    It can also mitigate imposter syndrome, and allow them to fully show up with their skills, talents, and expertise at work. 

    Members learn coping skills 

    Top-quality providers help your members build their own coping skills "toolbox" to tackle life’s challenges. Confidence builds as they begin utilizing their toolbox with success, which allows them to cope and manage their symptoms or feelings quickly when triggering situations occur—either at home or at work. They rebound faster, and are able to continue making steps forward as their mental strength and flexibility improves. 

    How we’re attracting top clinicians

    Many mental health providers can feel like they exist in a vacuum in their private practice. When they step into the Spring Health network, they’re met with support, community, and exciting opportunities for professional growth. 

    We offer support, guidance and clinical coaching to our providers, so they can continually provide high-quality care to our members. We provide ongoing professional development opportunities through CEU training, peer consultation hours, case conferences, office hours, new provider office hours, and one-on-one clinical case consultations with a Provider Lead.

    We invest in them, and that makes them even more excited to invest in your members. 

    How our members are getting better, faster

    Based on a recent peer-reviewed study, our average time to remission is just 5.9 weeks—that’s twice as fast as other care providers. We use measurement-based care to accurately identify what our members need, and make sure they get the guidance they need faster. 

    As a result, our customers save an average of $7,000 per employee within six months. They also see a 24% increase in productivity, 25% reduction in absenteeism, and 60% reduction in employee turnover. 

    Understanding ROI makes the Difference

    Providing fast access to top providers is a win-win. Members can improve their mental health more quickly, which in turn, relieves the financial burden on your organization. This makes ROI an essential component of precision mental healthcare

    At the end of the day, mentally healthy people make a mentally healthy company. And a network of top-tier clinicians will be able to meet the unique needs of each of your members. This will support their growth not only at work, but in every aspect of their lives. 

    Get your copy of this white paper to learn more about how a data-driven approach can optimize engagement, drive outcomes, and help improve mental health twice as fast as other solutions.

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    Jen Callen
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    Jen is a licensed clinical social worker with over 15 years of experience providing therapy in a variety of settings. She has worked with children in state custody, created therapeutic programming and trauma-informed classrooms for children ages 5-18, and is a Trust-Based Relational Intervention Practitioner. Jen earned her BS in Chemistry from Beloit College and began her career as a research scientist before joining the mental health field with a Master’s Degree in Social Work from Saint Louis University. Currently, she is a Provider Lead at Spring Health combining her passion for data, quality, and mental health.

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