Spring Health Acquires Bloom’s Self-Guided Digital Interventions Content to Expand Therapy Solutions

The addition to Spring Health’s platform will accelerate its long-term vision to enhance personalized mental healthcare with engaging digital solutions

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    Spring Health, the most comprehensive global mental health solution for employers and health plans, today announced that it has acquired the exclusive rights to Bloom’s suite of self-guided therapy tools and digital content to enhance the user experience across Spring’s wellness content. 

    The integration of Bloom’s content will offer members access to over 700 interactive video sessions on topics like managing stress and anxiety, building strong habits and fostering meaningful relationships. Members will soon have unparalleled access to self-guided mental health content that complements the existing therapies offered through Spring’s suite of interventions. This expansion creates more pathways for members to engage with mental health content and receive care.

    “Our primary focus is delivering comprehensive, effective and personalized care for our members, and offering new pathways for them to stay engaged throughout their mental healthcare journey,” said April Koh, CEO and Co-Founder of Spring Health. “With Bloom’s content, our platform will recommend additional clinical and non-clinical pathways of support, helping build on the care our members receive today.”

    The stigma around mental health care can cause individuals to delay or avoid seeking care. The addition of Bloom’s self-guided mental health tools is a step towards eliminating this barrier, encouraging members to explore content most relevant to them in a personalized environment. Customers can explore Bloom’s variety of digital therapies that will soon be integrated into Spring’s platform at their own pace, and ultimately be more likely or willing to speak with a therapist or coach following initial exposure to mental health interventions.

    For Bloom’s CEO and Co-Founder Leon Mueller, this deal marks a major market opportunity. “Our mission at Bloom has always been to make therapy more affordable and accessible for all,” said Mueller. “We’re excited to join Spring Health to continue this mission by reaching their 10 million covered lives and scaling up across populations.” 

    Since its inception, Bloom has seen over 2.2M downloads and has helped more than 1.6M users worldwide. The Bloom content suite is the latest addition to a growing range of services from Spring Health that help offer the right intervention for each person - whether that’s digital support, meditation exercises, coaching, therapy, medication, and beyond.

    About Spring Health

    Spring Health is the leading, global behavioral health solution proven to change people’s lives and deliver net-positive financial return for organizations. Through Spring Health’s Precision Mental Healthcare, individuals and families are connected with personalized interventions and compassionate, culturally-responsive mental health care. Certified by the Validation Institute for demonstrating net savings for customers, Spring Health also equips global business leaders with intelligent technology, real-time insights, and clinical expertise to support diverse and evolving organizational needs. 

    Today, more than 10 million people worldwide have access to Spring Health. We’re trusted by leading employers, health plans and channel partners, including Adobe, Bumble, Delta, General Mills, Moda Health, Wellstar, and Guardian, to drive cultural impact at scale. For more information, please visit https://www.springhealth.com.

    Media contact: Press@springhealth.com

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