Coaching for Overall Well-being

Reach more of your workforce through preventative care

Transform and Elevate Your Employee Assistance Program

Coaching for the whole person

Spring Health Coaches can help your members achieve their personal goals. This bolsters their overall wellness, including their mental health. Now, more of your members can access preventative care more precisely.

How It Works

Spring Health Coaches help your population develop personalized strategies to set and achieve their goals.

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Parallel Care

Coaching can be complementary to, independent of, or an introduction to therapy. Members are expertly guided to the most appropriate support options based on their needs.

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Clinically Sound

Board-certified and credentialed Spring Health Coaches work with Care Navigators to monitor signs that a member may need care outside the scope of coaching.

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Compassionate Discovery

Empathetic coaches partner with members to clarify and help achieve members’ goals using validated assessments to measure impact.

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Cost Effective

Coaching is prevention. Employees develop healthier, more sustainable, and less costly behaviors.

Coaches deliver precise, personal, and proven care:

  • 20+ languages spoken
  • Morning, afternoon, evening, and weekend sessions
  • Part of the Spring Health Care Team
  • International Coaching Federation (ICF) or National Board for Health and Wellness (NBHWC) certified
  • Use evidence-informed, outcomes-based approaches
  • Average time to appointment: 2-3 days

Ready to see coaching in action?

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Comprehensive coaching support

Access to a wide range of coaching topics to address any life transition

Transform and Elevate Your Employee Assistance Program

Health and Wellness Coaching

  • Nutrition
  • Physical activity
  • Stress management and resiliency
  • Sleep habits
  • Mindfulness
  • Self-care

Personal Development Coaching

  • Life transitions
  • Identity support
  • Career growth
  • Improved communication
  • Self-development
  • Work-life balance

Parenting Coaching

  • Communication 
  • Instilling resilience
  • Grief and loss 
  • Behavioral concerns  
  • Neurodiverse advocacy and education
  • Academic readiness and stress

Hear from our members and their families

We eliminate trial-and-error in care by data analysis
We eliminate trial-and-error in care by data analysis
We eliminate trial-and-error in care by data analysis

I'm a manager trying to grow into a bigger role in the company, so I asked my coach for career support. She gives me smart advice on how to do things using my own strengths and gives a structure that is easy to apply to many different situations.

Spring Health Member

My coach has helped me adjust to a physical health challenge that has been affecting my sense of mental well-being. She has helped me develop some clarity around the scenario. Together, we've come up with some activities to check into to support my well-being.

Spring Health Member

Working with my parenting coach has been so productive and helpful in teaching me new skills and techniques to find a parenting approach that works. My stress level and feeling of parental helplessness were high prior to working with her. The outcome has been an overall healthier mindset and relationship with my child.

Spring Health Member

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Over 4,500 employers around the world trust Spring Health

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The most important thing that’s happened for us over the course of the last year is we have destigmatized mental health. Spring Health gave us the platform to start the conversation

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Jacqueline Williams-Roll
Chief Human Resources Officer
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days for employees to schedule an appointment

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member improvement in mental health conditions

What Spring is doing enables me to believe that those who really need clinical care are going to get it. It gave me hope that companies can actually improve their employees’ lives.

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Ellen Meza
DocuSign’s Director of Global Benefits and Mobility
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employees accessed the benefit

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members improved their depression symptoms

With Spring Health, employees and their family members are getting the personalized help they need in less than two days.

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Penny Ferrell
Executive Director of Employee Wellness & Work Life Services Wellstar
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EAP utilization

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time more members setting appointments than previous EAP

Last year we had over 100 inquiries asking us how to navigate options for mental health…we’re really excited about what we can do with Spring Health.

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Margaret Fairbairn
Global Benefits Manager
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of all employees enrolled within first 30 days

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provider satisfaction rating

Spring Health is my favorite platform and resource for our employees. I am a huge fan of the utilization reports. Also, we have incredible support - shoutout to our partnership success manager!

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Ariana Whitson
HR Operations Specialist
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increase in productivity

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improvement in mental health conditions

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Help people and 

Improve the mental health of your employees and reduce the risk of absenteeism and lost productivity today.

  • Evidence-based approach

  • Variety of solutions

  • Cost-effective