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How DocuSign is Eliminating the Top Barriors to Mental Health for Their Employees

As we look ahead to the future of work, and the ever changing mental health challenges we're all facing, more and more companies are taking steps to support their employees’ wellbeing. Is yours one of them?

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    Many of our workplaces look very different today than they did before the global pandemic, and DocuSign is no exception. The publicly traded San Francisco company had over 6,000 employees at the beginning of 2020, with more than half coming into offices on a regular basis. Overnight, where, how, and even when they worked completely changed.

    Addressing mental health in a new era of work

    After examining employee engagement surveys, having conversations, and working to understand the new world of work, the leadership team at DocuSign took action. “It was really clear to me... that the pandemic has elevated the need for us to support our employees in ways that we hadn’t before,” says Joan Burke, DocuSign’s Chief People Officer. 

    The team quickly recognized mental health as one of the cornerstones of a new approach to employee wellbeing in a work-from-home world. "We were seeing so much more depression, anxiety, and stress in our employees, [we knew] we needed to do something special and different to support them.” And they wanted to make sure there would be something for everyone, regardless of where they were on their mental health journey.

    DocuSign was drawn to Spring Health’s comprehensive approach. They chose to partner with us to ensure their diverse employee and dependents base would have access to the right care at the right time, whatever their level of need. 

    "What Spring [is] doing enables me to believe that those who really need clinical care are going to get it. It gave me hope that companies can actually improve their employees' lives,” Joan says.

    How access to quality care can deliver immediate results

    Shortly after DocuSign implemented Spring Health, they began to see the impact. The following results are from the 2023 DocuSign Health Plan and Workplace ROI Analysis.


    Since launching Spring Health, DocuSign has seen a 44% increase in their population receiving behavioral health treatment. Many had what they described as life changing experiences. The average member satisfaction for providers is 9.7/10. It's 10/10 for Care Navigators.


    World-class clinical trials typically result in 47% of participants improving their symptoms in an average of 6.3 appointments. At DocuSign, 78% of members improved their depression symptoms and 77% improved anxiety symptoms. 78% of members reported positive impact to their work, social, or home life.


    The national average wait time for a new therapy appointment is 48 days. DocuSign employees are able to meet with a therapist within one day.

    Return on investment

    DocuSign saved $6.20 for every $1 invested in Spring Health’s mental health program. This savings is inclusive of health plan costs, retention, and productivity savings.

    Read their full success story to learn more about how offering fast access to personalized, quality care can eliminate barriers to mental healthcare for your employees.

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