Spring Health Advances Precision Mental Healthcare with SpringLife and SpringWorks

Our innovative, dual-pillar approach to mental healthcare empowers individuals, families, managers, and business leaders

SpringLife and SpringWorks—good for your people, good for your organization.

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    At Spring Health, we're pioneering a transformative approach to mental healthcare, where precision extends beyond individuals and families to encompass organizational wellness.

    That’s why we are thrilled to introduce a streamlined approach to all of our offerings: SpringLife and SpringWorks. Together, these two value pillars deliver a members-first, customer-centric solution proven to achieve unmatched clinical outcomes and net-positive ROI. 

    Good for your people: Empowering individuals and their families

    There is no health without mental health. Studies show 76% of U.S. workers are dealing with mental health issues, a 17% increase in only two years. 84% of workers also reported at least one workplace factor that negatively impacted their mental health. With mental health concerns on the rise, it’s more important than ever to have effective solutions like SpringLife and SpringWorks in place. 

    SpringLife integrates personalized care, localized services, and on-demand content into one intuitive, digital platform, available worldwide. Precision technology matches members with local providers in real time, and offers tailored care recommendations based on each person’s unique needs and preferences. 

    Plus, members of all ages have access to virtual, in-person, and same-day appointments with a diverse care team ready to support them every step of the way. 

    In 2024, Spring Health is committed to doubling down on our long-standing commitment to health equity by investing in ways to identify and address social determinants of health, connect members to community resources, and build stronger integrations across the wellness benefits ecosystem. 

    We’re also investing in delivering an equitable and inclusive experience globally, expanding localization and access to Spring Health’s rigorously-vetted provider network.

    Good for your business: Supporting managers and business leaders

    The rising prevalence of mental health issues among individuals—many of whom are in the workforce—is becoming a critical concern resonating with both employers and health plans. 

    Notably, managers play a vital role in this dynamic. This study found that managers have the same impact on an employee’s mental health as their spouse or partner. Additionally, more than 80% of employees would rather have good mental health than a high-paying job.

    This underscores the pressing need for employers to equip their employees and managers with the necessary tools to effectively support well-being.

    SpringWorks is tailored to meet the unique needs of managers, business leaders, and health plans. It provides the tools to deliver effective mental health solutions at scale by leveraging our unique blend of cutting-edge technology and personalized, high-touch support.

    This includes a first-of-its-kind digital business command center delivering actionable data and real-time insights into program performance. 

    For employers, Spring Health’s Workplace Care team—mental health professionals who are deeply integrated into a company’s culture—empower employees with expert guidance to navigate complex issues and implement effective strategies. 

    We also recognize the critical role middle managers play in nurturing their teams' well-being. We’re equipping people managers with a streamlined, comprehensive suite of resources and care pathways to take care of themselves and their teams.

    For health plans, SpringWorks optimizes continuity of care through seamless integrations and structured referral pathways, ensuring quality and compliance, leveraging the power of data across every aspect of care.  

    Eliminating every barrier to mental healthcare

    One in five adults experiences a mental illness, and untreated depression costs $9,450 per employee per year in absenteeism and lost productivity. By pioneering a transformative approach to mental healthcare—with SpringLife and SpringWorks operating in tandem—we’ll continue our mission to eliminate every barrier to mental health.

    Our CEO and Co-founder April Koh recently reflected, “With SpringLife and SpringWorks, we’re not just innovating, we’re delivering impactful change where it counts. It’s about empowering individuals and families on their journey to better mental health, while equipping managers and leaders with the tools they need to shift culture from within.”

    With Spring Health, effective care is driven by science, backed by research, and proven in practice. Collectively, SpringLife and SpringWorks demonstrate significant productivity gains for our customers, reduce health plan costs, and yield positive ROI beyond mental health and into broader physical health categories. 

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