Spring Health Expands Family Care with the Announcement of Family Navigation and Personalized Mental Health Support for Children of All Ages

The suite of services also includes an enhanced Family Care Dashboard, enabling parents and caregivers to seamlessly access and manage care for children 17 years old and younger.

Putting family mental health at the forefront

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    We're excited to announce a new suite of services to enhance our existing Family Care solution, which provides care and support for parents, caregivers, partners, and children from birth to adulthood. 

    When any family member is experiencing mental health challenges, it can impact their entire household. Prioritizing the mental health of every family member can lead to improved emotional well-being, better communication, and healthier relationships. However, most mental health solutions are not designed to address family mental health. Care can be disjointed and families typically face long wait times and significant complexity—especially when trying to secure care for children.

    Spring Health's Family Care solution puts family mental health at the forefront with our newly launched Family Navigation and enhanced Family Care Dashboard. 

    Family Navigation delivers white-glove guidance from a specialized clinician—each family has a designated Family Navigator who recommends personalized care options that are the best fit for the family. That can include coaching for new parents, infant and early childhood resources and referrals, and treatment options and therapy for teens with anxiety, eating disorders, or substance use disorder.

    Through the centralized Family Care Dashboard, parents and caregivers can view and manage care for children ages 17 and younger, with appointments available in an average of two days or fewer. Convenient provider filtering options, such as condition, specialty, ethnicity, gender, language, and more ensure every family member can find the care that best fits their needs. 

    “Studies show over 75% of parents are worried about their children's mental health, and only half the children who need mental health support actually receive treatment,” says April Koh, co-founder and CEO of Spring Health. “We are proud to launch Family Navigation to provide personalized clinical guidance to Spring Health's families for what can be a very confusing and complicated experience.”

    The launch of Family Navigation and the enhanced Family Care Dashboard builds on Spring Health’s existing Family Care solution, where members can also invite adult dependents, spouses, and partners to access Spring Health independently. All members have access to Moments, a collection of on-demand, evidence-based tips and strategies that can help with a range of challenges, including parenting, managing anxiety, and more. Designed to be integrated into everyday life, the growing library of 150+ exercises helps support overall mental well-being, with each taking just three to five minutes to complete.

    Family Care is part of Spring Health’s continued commitment to eliminate every barrier to mental health—by recognizing and addressing the unique challenges, dynamics, and interactions within the family system through all stages of life.

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