More Moments: Spring Health’s mobile app adds 60 new mental wellness exercises

We’ve expanded Moments—Spring Health’s library of digital exercises for mental well-being—to include 60 additional Moments exercises!

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    We’ve expanded Moments—Spring Health’s library of digital exercises for mental well-being—due to popular demand!

    Back in the fall, we launched Moments within the Spring Health mobile app. After hearing rave reviews from our members, we’ve added even more content, expanding to include 60 additional Moments exercises! Moments combines what so many people are looking for from a mental health solution: unlimited, on-demand access, a user-friendly interface, and content that’s proven to work. Members can browse by category to see a variety of relevant mindfulness exercises, guided meditations, and other learning activities. The latest Moments update offers support around six important areas:


    As our recent Burnout Nation eBook shows, the events of 2020 triggered burnout symptoms for many American workers. To address that trend, our Moments exercises help individuals learn about proactive ways to prevent burnout, and discover simple, effective ways to combat burnout symptoms should they arise.


    The global pandemic has been an isolating experience for many, given social distancing protocols and a shift towards remote work. Our exercises in this category teach positive techniques for maintaining mental health in situations where people may feel isolated or alone.


    Parenting is no easy task, especially at times when many caregivers find themselves juggling remote work alongside remote schooling, while dealing with economic uncertainty, and other global concerns. Our parenting exercises help parents get through those tough days when they feel the world is on their shoulders.

    Body Image

    Each person’s relationship with their body is different. The exercises in this category help people feel more comfortable in their own bodies and maintain a more positive body image.


    We’ve all been there. Whether it’s being ghosted after a few dates, or a long-term relationship ending, heartbreak is part of life. These exercises help individuals cope with the fallout of a breakup and provide tips for dealing with difficult emotions.


    How we feel about ourselves is often linked to the state of our mental health. Our self esteem–building exercises challenge negative thoughts and create a more positive sense of self.

    If you’re interested in learning more about what Moments has to offer, or would like a complete overview of Spring Health’s mental health solution, request a demo today.

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