HR Leadership Summit: An Exclusive, In-Person Gathering of the Top Minds in Benefits

The HR Leadership Summit gathered Spring Health’s customer community to look ahead at the future of employee wellness and mental health.

HR professionals at a table during the HR Leadership Summit

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    The HR Leadership Summit, held at The Ranch in Laguna Beach, California, was hosted by Spring Health on February 22-24.

    The event gathered Spring Health’s customer community, benefits executives from industry-leaders across sectors—including Adobe, Delta, Johnson & Johnson, and J.B. Hunt—to look ahead at the future of employee wellness and mental health.

    Spring President and Co-founder Adam Chekroud set the stage in his keynote, stating that mental health is the defining problem of our time—exacerbated by the intersection of global events—from war, to the pandemic, to the opioid epidemic, and beyond.

    Despite a range of effective therapies, people seeking mental healthcare often face significant barriers, including affordability and a shortage of available providers. 

    This was not news to those in the room. Spring Health’s mission is to eliminate every barrier to mental healthcare, and the HR leaders in the audience are on the frontlines everyday.

    Throughout the event, customers workshopped strategies for employee engagement during roundtable discussions, received training for implementing boundaries and prioritizing self-care, and learned about leading through crises from guest speakers Preet Michelson, Vice President of Human Resources at CVS Health, and Stacey Kraft, CPO at Tempus.

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