Spring Health Announces Atlas, the First Recommendation Engine for Workplace Mental and Behavioral Health

Atlas connects data and insights to relevant action plans, helping HR and benefits leaders optimize programs and maximize ROI

Atlas connects data and insights to relevant action plans, helping HR and benefits leaders optimize programs and maximize ROI

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    We are thrilled to announce Atlas, a first-of-its-kind connected platform that empowers Human Resources teams and benefits leaders to optimize program outcomes and maximize Return on Investment for behavioral health. 

    Atlas has been designed from the ground up with the needs of time-crunched benefits leaders in mind. Atlas provides benefits leaders with a concise view of the top mental health opportunities in their population, using machine learning algorithms that make assessments across population or industry segments. These insights are intelligently paired with action plans, and users can strategize further with their Spring Health Customer Success team through unique collaboration tools or deploy resources in real-time. 

    Atlas solves an urgent need for better data-driven insights. HR and benefits teams are often inundated with metrics and reporting across programs and initiatives, but access to data is not enough. While 92% of employers report using benefit engagement data to make decisions, a majority say that they are challenged to draw meaningful conclusions or to take data-informed actions. 

    “Atlas arms HR executives with the evidence they need to make smart investments in their behavioral health programs,” said Adam Chekroud, President and Co-Founder of Spring Health. “Data informs insights, insights lead to recommended actions, and actions lead to tracked outcomes that produce new data allowing for further optimization. This virtuous cycle empowers our customers with the ultimate tool for ensuring the best possible Return on Investment.”

    With Atlas, Spring Health takes program reporting beyond enrollment and engagement data; Atlas generates insights by benchmarking against organizational goals and analyzing trends. For example, a clinical insight could alert an HR leader that employees at a certain location are reporting stress at a higher rate than the rest of their population – and that this level of stress is in the top quartile among Spring Health customers. Atlas would recommend a manager training and communications strategy for this location, and then would be able to measure the decrease in stress levels at this location over time.

    Spring Health is committed to partnerships with employers and health plans built on trust and transparency to improve organizational mental health. Atlas builds on this core goal, ensuring that Human Resources teams have the actionable insights they need to achieve the mutual goals of improving employee mental health and achieving a positive Return on Investment. The Validation Institute recently certified Spring Health as the first and only comprehensive mental health solution to show net savings for customers.

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