Fast Company Names Spring Health One of the Best Workplaces for Innovators

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    We’re pleased to share that Spring Health has just been named to Fast Company’s fifth annual 100 Best Workplaces for Innovators list, which honors the top businesses cultivating innovation and celebrating creativity.

    Spring Health was ranked 12th among the leading global organizations for employee innovation—which includes both top technology firms as well as nonprofit research centers worldwide—the second-highest position for any Health and Medicine company on this year’s list. The judges highlighted the work behind Compass, Spring Health’s premier electronic health system, which was developed by our Provider Operations team working closely with Product and Engineering to create a platform directly addressing clinician needs.

    As a mission-driven organization, committed to breaking down every barrier to mental health, innovation is core to Spring Health’s operations—a constant improvement cycle lies at the heart of every department.

    For our members, that means getting them the right care faster. For companies partnering with Spring Health, that means taking care of their employees so people can come to work happier, more productive, and more innovative. And for providers in the Spring Health network, that means building systems to unlock more time for helping people. 

    “Innovations at Spring Health are eliminating barriers to mental health care for entire families and shortening timelines for care from an industry standard of six weeks down to just days,” says April Koh, CEO and cofounder of Spring Health. “The core of our success has been building a culture where everyone is empowered to be an innovator, and our company is structured to champion great ideas—no matter where they come from.”

    Spring Health is pioneering a data- and AI-driven approach to mental health: the Precision Mental Health Care model that uses technology and services to deliver faster, better, and cheaper care through precision every step of the way. That approach requires that innovation is built into every aspect of the organization. By always putting members first, working at Spring Health means constantly looking for better ways to get people the help they need.

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