Spring Health Expands Its Substance Use Disorder Services with New Eleanor Health Partnership

We offer the only integrated mental health solution on the market for every level of support for substance use disorder.

We're announcing a significant expansion of our substance use disorder support services through a new partnership with Eleanor Health. 

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    We are thrilled to announce a significant expansion of our substance use disorder (SUD) support services through a new partnership with Eleanor Health, a leading provider of in-person and virtual care for addiction and substance use disorders. 

    Spring Health has partnered with Eleanor Health to ensure that all members can receive tailored care that addresses the entirety of their mental health support needs related to SUD. This collaboration addresses a vital gap in conventional healthcare systems by delivering personalized, evidence-based care for individuals grappling with severe mental health challenges and substance use disorders.

    ​​"We are delighted to partner with companies like Spring Health that share our mission of driving better outcomes among people struggling with addiction and other mental health conditions," says Dr. Nzinga Harrison, Co-Founder and Chief Medical Officer of Eleanor Health. "Spring Health members in states where Eleanor is available now have access to our whole-person care model, which addresses the physical, mental and psychosocial aspects of addiction to help members achieve and sustain recovery."

    Spring Health continues to invest in our partner ecosystem to encompass all elements of the mental healthcare journey, including integrated care navigation for those struggling with substance use disorders and concurrent mental health challenges. Research has shown that integrated treatment enhances abstinence rates given high rates of comorbidity. This new offering empowers members in certain states to access specialized care for addictive substances through a unified program that provides comprehensive care.

    “By expanding our substance use disorder program with Eleanor, we are providing another important modality for specialized care that meets each member where they are in their mental health and addiction journey,” says Spring Health CEO and Co-Founder April Koh. “Substance use disorders are a major struggle for many individuals and families, and we are dedicated to addressing the diverse needs of everyone seeking support on their journey to overcome these challenges.”

    We launched our SUD program in 2021 with a goal to provide individuals across the SUD severity spectrum access to convenient, high-quality, affordable care no matter their location. With a growing set of SUD services, Spring Health makes it seamless and easy to keep patient care in-network, affordable, and accessible at the first sign of need.

    About Eleanor Health:

    Eleanor Health provides evidence-based, whole-person care specializing in addressing the unique complexities of individuals and populations with substance use disorders and mental health needs. Eleanor leverages proprietary technology and data-driven insights, compassionate teams, and population- and value-based payment to deliver superior clinical and financial outcomes. To learn more, visit: www.eleanorhealth.com.

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