Spring Health Launches Comprehensive Eating Disorder Support

Approximately 9% of Americans will have an eating disorder in their lifetime. Spring Health is expanding support for that population through referral partnerships that give members access to best-in-class services.

Spring Health launches comprehensive eating disorder support

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    We are so excited to announce the launch of specialized eating disorder support for Spring Health members and their families through new referral partnerships with leading virtual care providers.

    Eating disorders are estimated to affect approximately 9% of all Americans in their lifetime—or nearly 30 million people today. These conditions are especially prevalent among adolescents and young adults, and they often occur alongside other mental health challenges.

    Eating disorders are not only dangerous for those with the illness, but they can also be highly disruptive for families through the stress and grief they often cause parents and caregivers. Moreover, treatments for these conditions are conventionally highly expensive, and preventing relapses with consistent care is key to reducing both suffering and costs.

    But even severe cases of these disorders are treatable with the right expert approaches. Spring Health members can seek care through Spring’s network of providers and can be referred to high-quality intensive-outpatient and partial-hospitalization programs when clinically appropriate. These partner providers allow affected individuals to receive treatment without needing to leave their families or requiring expensive stays at residential facilities.

    “Spring Health is committed to providing high-quality eating disorder care to better support our members, their families, and our customers,” says April Koh, CEO and Co-Founder of Spring Health. “These partnerships help us provide the highest standard of care by ensuring best-in-class, evidence-based treatment for severe cases of the condition.”

    These referral partnerships expand Spring Health’s eating disorder support by providing care to all members, regardless of the severity of their condition. The new partners will become recommended solutions for any Spring Health member or their dependents in need of intensive remote eating disorder treatments. The partner services are best-in-class and together cover a broad set of ages and geographies.

    Within Health, one of Spring’s new referral partners, is the first comprehensive, remote eating disorder treatment solution.

    “We’re thrilled to partner with Spring Health to bring eating disorder care to its members. At Within Health, we open doors for patients in any body anywhere to receive impactful, sophisticated treatment for eating disorders, and this partnership opens space for us to offer our innovative approach to Spring Health’s community,” says Dr. Wendy Oliver-Pyatt, Co-Founder, CEO, and Chief Medical Officer of Within Health.

    “Together, we expand our collective efforts to prioritize meaningful healing and enhance the quality of life for our clients while reducing healthcare costs for payers.”

    Spring Health's comprehensive mental health benefits platform uses predictive AI technology to match members with the right care at the right time. The platform provides access to a range of mental health services, including therapy, coaching, and medication management, all tailored to the individual needs of the member or family. 

    Through Spring Health and its new partners, individuals and families have access to:

    Personalized expert referrals. Spring Health Care Navigators and Family Navigators help members understand their options and whether an eating disorder solution could be right for their situation. Following a clinical consultation, they can share more information or make a warm transfer.

    Accessible treatment. Spring Health will offer its members increased flexibility through its new eating disorder offering. Depending on whether certain diagnostic criteria is met, members will either be treated by a provider in Spring Health's network or be referred to a partner when clinically appropriate. Members will be able to pay for services from referral partners through their health plan.

    Comprehensive support. Spring Health offers personalized recommendations, Care Navigation, on-demand learning, and convenient scheduling for appointments in less than two days. Spring Health’s eating disorder partners deliver virtual, evidence-based care designed to achieve full recovery.

    About Spring Health

    Spring Health is a comprehensive mental health solution for employers and health plans. Unlike any other solution, we use clinically validated technology called Precision Mental Healthcare to pinpoint and deliver exactly what will work for each person—whether that's meditation, coaching, therapy, medication, and beyond.

    Today, Spring Health serves over 4,500 companies, from startups to multinational Fortune 500 corporations, and is a preferred mental health provider to companies like General Mills, Bain, and Instacart. For more information, please visit www.springhealth.com.

    About Within Health

    Co-founded by Dr. Wendy Oliver-Pyatt and Abhilash Patel, Within Health is the first comprehensive, remote eating disorder treatment solution. Matching clinical expertise with cutting-edge proprietary technology, Within offers individual therapy, remote patient monitoring, advanced nutrition therapy, and catered meal support, all designed to interrupt the progression of eating disorders, prevent relapse, and foster long-term recovery.

    Founded in 2021, Within Health is licensed in over 35-states with plans to continue its rapid expansion to meet the growing need for flexible treatment solutions and greater access to care. Learn more at https://withinhealth.com/.

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