Setting a New Standard for Mental Health Education with Self-Directed, Clinician-Led Courses for Workplace Well-being

Interactive courses include emotional health, stress management, and burnout prevention for managers.

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    We are thrilled to announce the launch of Sage, a platform that raises the bar for mental health education with self-directed courses and clinician-designed tools that help managers boost workplace well-being. 

    Research shows that 94% of employees say they will stay longer at a company with learning and development investment, and only 33% of managers feel equipped to support employee mental health. Sage fills those gaps with a broad and growing offering of courses to improve resilience and promote mentally healthy practices—serving as preventative care for workforces and a powerful aid for leaders working to manage both their own and their teams’ approaches to well-being.

    Sage courses deliver superior value for organizations over any other mental health learning platform on the market with targeted, interactive content. Each component of the self-directed curriculum has been designed and overseen by clinical experts in mental health as well as learning and development. With Sage, research-backed approaches to short-form learning increase focus and retention rates, and specialist-designed measurement means organizations can monitor the impact of each training.

    “Employees are clamoring for personalized and relevant training that will genuinely improve their quality of work and life—but other options on the market are uninspired, don’t address the challenges of specific roles, and are unable to demonstrate real impact,” says Dr. Amy Cirbus LMHC, LPC, head of clinical content at Spring Health and Sage program lead and content supervisor. “With Sage, we’re solving those problems and sharing key lessons as part of our mission to eliminate every barrier to mental health.”

    With courses on emotional health, stress management, and burnout prevention for managers, Sage is a self-paced learning environment that offers engaging lessons on the systems, habits, and structures that can support well-being in both personal and professional lives. Select Spring Health members and customers will have access to Sage's initial slate of courses in the coming weeks. More courses will be added regularly based on industry research and customer needs.

    Sage courses are overseen by certified master trainers and are hosted by trusted Spring Health clinicians. Different lessons will cater directly to managers, human resources leaders, and specific employee functions. These bite-sized courses are designed to engage and educate users—defeating boredom and driving real learning—and will feature shareable certifications and comprehension tracking features.

    Sage is the latest addition to a growing range of services from Spring Health that offer workplaces immediate relief in times of crisis and build a strong foundation for ongoing mental well-being. With each clinician-informed resource broadening the opportunities for members to get help, Spring Health is delivering on its mission to eliminate every barrier to mental health.

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