Spring Health Champions Neuroinclusion Through Specialized Care, Programs, and Accessibility

We are strengthening investments in specialized mental healthcare for neurodiverse individuals and raising the bar for digital accessibility.

Spring Health is strengthening investments in specialized mental healthcare for neurodiverse individuals and raising the bar for digital accessibility.

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    As part of our mission to eliminate every barrier to mental health, Spring Health is committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion throughout our company and services. That means supporting different populations by investing in programs and services that address their needs.

    Today, we’re sharing how we’re empowering neurodivergent individuals, their families, and their communities with specialized care services and educational programs.

    Our approach to neurodiversity

    By partnering with Spring Health, organizations are signaling their commitment to fostering cultures of inclusion and affirmation. Approximately one in every five people are neurodivergent in how they process and interact with new information. While there are many policies and protections that exist, Spring Health goes above and beyond compliance to help organizations embrace neurodiversity. And studies show this is a powerful way to foster overall wellbeing: teams where neurodiverse professionals feel supported experience a 30% increase in productivity

    “Spring Health is built on the concept of Precision Mental Healthcare—that we can precisely determine and provide the right care to each individual based on their unique needs—and that includes supporting our neurodivergent members with the highest quality practices,” says Spring Health Chief Medical Officer Mill Brown. “By offering specialized services, developing inclusion programs, and championing accessibility standards, we are ensuring that Spring Health continues to be the most comprehensive, effective mental health solution in the world.”

    Spring Health provides specialized resources for neurodivergent populations, including: 

    • Neurodivergence-informed therapy
    • Personalized in-network referrals through Spring Health's Referral Concierge
    • Specialized Care Navigators familiar with support systems for neurodivergent individuals

    We accommodate member preferences for types of care, communication styles, and sensory-friendly environments. Our expanded network of providers also includes coaches specialized in supporting neurodivergent adults and parents of neurodivergent children.

    Our extensive provider network and proprietary system for recommending the right providers for each member produces an industry-leading standard of therapeutic alliance—one of the most important predictors to engagement, clinical outcomes, and return on investment. Spring Health therapists that specialize in neurodiverse conditions such as ADHD and autism see member satisfaction scores of 9.3/10 on average.

    We also offer dedicated education and community programs that promote inclusivity and support neurodivergent individuals and the parents and caregivers of neurodivergent children. This includes on-demand clinical resources, large-scale trainings and events, and Spring Health's WellSprings, which facilitate small-group community building.

    Digital accessibility: Going beyond compliance

    We're also proud to share that we have taken significant strides to ensure our digital platform is accessible to everyone.

    In partnership with Level Access, a Forrester-recognized leader in digital accessibility, we've developed a best-in-class accessibility program to ensure all of our technology exceeds the highest standards of accessibility—WCAG 2.2 A & AA and section 508 compliance. We're setting a new standard for digital inclusivity in the industry by providing scalable accessibility for a wide range of disabilities, including visual, auditory, physical, speech, cognitive, language, learning, and neurological disabilities.

    Spring Health continues to invest in innovative ways to embrace neurodiversity and disability and support inclusive and accessible care. We are committed to eliminating every barrier to mental health, and in the process, empowering transformation within individuals, teams, and communities.

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