Recruitment Fraud Warning

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Notice to Candidates: Recruitment Fraud Alert

Spring Health has been made aware of candidates receiving fraudulent job opportunities and offers from unauthorized people impersonating Spring Health recruiters and leaders. These fraudulent communications may be advertised on fake employment sites or mimic our careers site and company email addresses. Please know that Spring Health has no affiliation or connection to these solicitations. More information about job scams can be found here:

How can you identify recruitment fraud?

Fraudulent efforts include, but are not limited to:


Requests for personal information early in the process that include your address, date of birth, passport information, social security number, or banking details


Individuals not associated with Spring Health contacting you about a fake OR legitimate job posting.

Please closely review the name of the sender and the domain name associated with their account. All official Spring Health recruitment emails will come from accounts formatted as: Fraudulent domain names often try to mimic official accounts; e.g., “, or”


Being asked to participate in an "interview" via chat or email. Spring Health does not conduct "interviews" by chat or email


Being asked to download any secure messaging platform for communication. We will never ask you to download any such platform


Attempting to make job offers through social media or online forums without any actual interview. All of our roles require some combination of recruiter and team interviews


Making job offers for jobs you haven't applied OR not interviewed for


Urgently and frantically insisting you act immediately within a very short time frame


Fraudulent impersonators can’t answer basic questions around onboarding, equipment, and usually can’t be found on LinkedIn

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What should I do if I have concerns?

If you've encountered any of these situations, we strongly recommend that you do not respond, click any links, and do not give out any personal information.

If you're unsure a message is from Spring Health, please email with screenshots and one our team members will get back to you.

If you wish to access Spring Health jobs and apply for an open position, please submit your application to Spring Health Careers page.