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Global Mental Health: Benefits for a Global Workforce

Mental health support has become a global must have. Here are the top five things HR leaders can look for when evaluating a global mental health solution.

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Shannon Maynard
Certified Professional Coach

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    We're in the middle of a global mental health crisis.

    Lost productivity due to depression and anxiety costs companies $1 trillion globally, 85% of people in low-middle income countries have no access to mental healthcare, and 50% of people in high-income countries aren't receiving the mental healthcare they need to be healthy and productive. Over the past few years, the world—and how we work—has changed. COVID-19 accelerated the shift to hybrid work, the expansion of global workforces, and the need for organizations to place a greater emphasis on employee mental health and wellbeing. Employees are rethinking their priorities and looking to employers to support them and their families, making mental health support a global must have. In fact, 42% of employees are more likely to stay at a company if they have access to a mental health benefit.

    Localizing global mental health

    When evaluating a mental health solution, global companies must consider the complexities of cultural nuance, norms, and local regulations. As much of the world went virtual in March of 2020, therapy shifted from in-person to virtual sessions, called telehealth. This broke down numerous access barriers for patients around the world. However, a therapist who truly understands an employee's background and culture can make an enormous difference in the effectiveness of their care.

    Imagine trying to relay your deepest vulnerabilities to someone who doesn’t completely understand what you're saying. For many, it’s already agonizing to attempt to describe what and how they're feeling. Having to bridge a cultural gap only adds to the stress. Additionally, cultural norms and expectations have a strong influence on when, why, and how people seek support. It's essential for your employees to be able to choose a local provider who understands their culture, linguistic cues, and lived experience.

    Choosing a global mental health solution 

    With so many options out there, it can be difficult—and overwhelming—to cut through the noise. Here are five things HR professionals and organizational leaders can look for when evaluating a global mental health solution.  

    Integrated Global Provider Network

    All your employees need access to a diverse network of global providers who speak their language, understand their culture, and practice with evidence-based tools and medicine. At Spring Health, data powers everything we do, including how we are building our global provider network. Our seven-step vetting process includes an interview that is either in person or over Zoom to assess for bedside manner. Some of our providers even have broad HR experience.

    Diversity goes beyond demographics. It includes various specialities, availability, and access to both in person and virtual sessions.

    Broad and localized organizational support

    An effective mental health solution provides customized support for your leaders as they face both global and local challenges. This may include a broad communication plan that can be localized, employee webinars, manager training and consultations, regional resources, and critical incident stress management. At Spring Health, we offer ongoing engagement opportunities like webinars and community discussions, and training on various topics including support for managers and mental health 101 for employees. Specialized training for managers ensures people leaders in every region know when and how to refer employees to Spring Health.

    Localized marketing for high engagement

    Utilization is one of the top challenges facing global benefits leaders. Localized marketing efforts drive awareness and excitement for employees through proven strategies and relevant communications. Spring Health's specialized training for managers ensures that People leaders in every region know when and how to refer employees to their mental health benefit. We also partner with our customers to establish strategic engagement plans—which are translated and localized to include culturally relevant topics to reach international populations. 

    Simplified, fast access

    The top global mental health providers make it easy to access their services. From teletherapy via the web or phone to being able to make appointments quickly, service should be prompt and readily accessible. Spring Health's custom portal is designed in each region's local language. After the employee logs in, they can schedule an appointment, reach out to their Care Navigator, and access on-demand digital CBT exercises, all in one place.

    Personalized support

    No two employees are exactly alike. The right benefit provider understands that mental health support is a journey, not a quick detour. Healing should always be the priority, regardless of the locale. To be effective, mental healthcare must be delivered in a precise, nuanced fashion tailored to the specific needs of each employee. At Spring Health, our Care Navigators are Masters level, bi-lingual clinicians who provide guidance and personalized support to help employees feel better, faster. They make care recommendations, assess and de-escalate risk during a crisis, and proactively reach out if an employee's symptoms aren't improving.

    The numbers speak to this difference this level of support makes to employees. Those who work with a Care Navigator are eight times more likely to see a therapist and stay with the same one. Plus, employees who are high risk and speak with their Care Navigator improve almost twice as fast as those who don’t. 

    Built for the future of work

    Our precision technology, integrated global care network, and end-to-end support system for employees is built for the future of work—and for the world’s most forward-thinking organizations.

    We leverage the power of data across every aspect of care delivery to provide each employee with the right care, at the right time—and in their language. We deliver a uniquely personalized experience to employees and their families, with access to a broad spectrum of support, including therapy, coaching, on-demand CBT exercises, and community discussions.

    Culturally-competant mental healthcare makes a difference for employees around the globe, and addresses barriers to global access to care.

    About the Author
    photo authr
    Shannon Maynard
    Certified Professional Coach

    Shannon is a Senior Content Marketing Manager at Spring Health, and has 15 years of marketing experience. She is also a Certified Professional Coach, Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner, introvert, and HSP. She loves writing about introversion and mental health, and is a regular contributor for Introvert, Dear and Highly Sensitive Refuge.

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