Intelligent data platform

We use data to identify the right treatment for each employee’s need. After completing a short assessment, employees receive a personalized, evidence-based treatment plan that could include any combination of exercise, digital cognitive behavioral therapy, in-person therapy, medication or more.

High quality provider network

For employees whose treatment plan recommends therapy, we offer a highly vetted provider network. Employees can easily book appointments through the platform, and their Care Navigator can help answer any questions about what to expect.

A trusted navigator for the entire journey

Each employee is paired with a Care Navigator for hands-on guidance and care coordination.

This process is proven to drive significant ROI. In a landmark 2007 JAMA paper, we showed that it’s possible to improve productivity and realize significant savings in medical costs.

Your mental health thermometer

Benefits leaders can log into our enterprise dashboards to get a real-time pulse on their employees’ mental health across care utilization, diagnosis and productivity breakdown, recovery rates and treatment outcomes.

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