A new standard of care: Precision Mental Healthcare

We've raised the bar. Our clinically-validated technology matches each member of your team to the right care from the start.

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Mental healthcare reimagined

Tailored navigation every step of the way

Set each member of your team on the fastest path to emotional wellbeing with Spring Health's Precision Mental Healthcare

The Problem

There are over 200 mental health diagnoses

Spring Health

There are over 200 care modalities and options for mental health

Spring Health

First treatment fails


of the time

Our Solution

We eliminate trial-and-error in care

We collect a comprehensive set of data on each individual

  • Socio-demographic
  • Diagnostic criteria (DSM-V)
  • Specific symptoms
  • Psychiatric history
  • Family history
  • Social determinants of health
  • Personal preference
  • and others

We compare that person's data against hundreds of thousands of other data points

We use peer-reviewed machine-learning models to match each person to the right care for them

Your care plan

Care Navigation

Your employees deserve more

Why Precision Mental Healthcare is a critical component of any mental health program

Every employee is different

Whether you need mindfulness, coaching, therapy, or rehab, Precision Mental Healthcare pinpoints the right option for you.

Most people don't know where to start

Precision Mental Healthcare guides each person to full recovery — from the start of their journey to the end.

Precision Mental Healthcare is clinically validated — and we shouldn't accept anything less.

Some solutions claim to be a 'one-stop shop' for mental wellbeing, but their triage protocols are unvetted. Spring Health has industry-leading 30+ publications in top medical journals ensuring that our platform is safe and reliable to use.

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We invest in clinical validation because member safety comes first

We have 30+ peer-reviewed papers published in top medical journals describing our unique approach.


Meaningful results that make a real difference

Precision Mental Healthcare leads to 2x higher recovery rates

Care without
Precision Mental Healthcare
Care with
Precision Mental Healthcare

Precision Mental Healthcare leads to 8 weeks faster recovery

Care without
Precision Mental Healthcare
Care with
Precision Mental Healthcare
Care without
Precision Mental Healthcare
12 weeks standard
Care with
Precision Mental Healthcare
8 weeks faster recovery

Bring the future of mental healthcare to your workforce.

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