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Lower mental
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Of the one in four Americans that struggle with a mental illness, 84% aren’t receiving the care they need.

Why? It’s extremely difficult to know when, where, or how to get treatment.

How many of your employees need better mental healthcare?

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Provide quality care for employees
Our personalized approach is proven to speed up recovery by up to 8 weeks. Employees consistently rate our providers 9+ out of 10.

Increase engagement and satisfaction
We leverage data to tailor outreach techniques and keep your employees engaged. 1 in 3 employees sign up for our service, and our NPS is +72.

Reduce costs
We help employers reduce costly trial-and-error. Our solution can lower behavioral health costs by up to 10%.

Our proven approach

Our approach is personalized, clinically validated, and financially sustainable. We drive significant ROI while delivering quality care and ensuring increased employee engagement.

  • “Spring Health’s Care Team is understanding, kind, and helpful — it’s rare to feel that a customer-service-like figure is also my healthcare champion.”

  • “Spring Health has helped me immensely and if it wasn’t available through my company, I wouldn’t have sought help.”

  • “Spring Health offers easy Care Navigation and connection to mental health treatment. My employer has made a commitment to my well-being, and I really appreciate it.”

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