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Tobacco Cessation and Mental Health: Building the Case for Organizational Impact

Employee tobacco use costs organizations billions each year. Join our webinar with 2Morrow to discover how to support cessation and substance use disorders for your employees.

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Around 50 million people in the U.S. are addicted to some kind of tobacco product. This costs American employers billions of dollars each year—including $200 billion in direct medical care costs and $150 billion in productivity losses.

Tobacco use stands as the foremost risk factor for preventable deaths, diseases, and healthcare expenditures, causing 480,000 premature deaths in the US alone every year. When expanded to substance use disorders more broadly, this number skyrockets.

Supporting employees in their quest to quit not only impacts their long term well-being. Each employee who successfully quits smoking saves employers an average of $5,800 annually, which can really add up.

Our upcoming webinar with experts from 2Morrow, a leader in digital behavioral health, is designed to equip you with the critical resources you need to provide this level of support. We’ll delve into groundbreaking insights on tobacco use, including its detrimental health effects, financial toll on employers, and the remarkable return on investment that arises from supporting tobacco cessation strategies.

We’ll also discuss:

  • The current landscape of tobacco cessation and substance use disorder support from both individual and organizational perspectives, including the associated costs when left untreated
  • The social cultural factors that influence engagement with tobacco cessation support and substance use disorder
  • The interconnectedness of mental and physical health, tobacco cessation, and substance use disorder support
About 2morrow

2Morrow is a leader in digital behavioral health, providing evidence-based health and wellness programs to some of the nation's largest employers, states, and health plans. Founded in 2011 by a nurse and a medical device engineer, 2Morrow's vision is to increase access to care by combining behavioral science and smartphone technology. 2Morrow has helped over half a million people improve their lives using our digital health programs.

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