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Building a Resilient Tomorrow: Ensuring Access to Child and Adolescent Mental Healthcare

Join to learn how your organization can provide fast access to comprehensive mental healthcare for the whole family.

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Young people are often misunderstood, which is very unfortunate when they’re seeking help. It means a lot to have someone who actually hears them and cares about what they’re going through.
Kelli Washington, LPCC, Spring Health Provider

Only 20% of children with emotional, behavioral, or mental health issues receive care from a specialized mental healthcare provider.

The lack of access to early interventions, in the form of therapy and other mental health services, means that parents don’t know where to turn to get their child help. And a recent report reveals that mental health is a parent's biggest concern about their children’s wellbeing.

Join our expert on September 21 at 1 pm as we delve into ways organizations can provide fast access to comprehensive mental healthcare for the whole family. You will learn:

  • The common mental health challenges children and adolescents are facing
  • The impact of these challenges on organizations, families, and the individual
  • The many benefits and considerations in taking a family-first approach to mental healthcare


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Melanie Wagner

Melanie Wagner is a writer and editor. Along with scholarly work, she has written a non-fiction children’s book about escaping bullying and finding love and acceptance in unexpected places. She received her BA in professional and technical writing, her MA in English and Ed Leadership, and her PhD in criticism and theory of literature. Melanie describes herself as a lifelong learner and loves to teach, even though she is currently a retired professor.